Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1330

7 08 2015

The Killing Blade combo video by Cool Soul team. Well, this is actually a Chinese made fighting game and I don’t know how the game mechanics work so I was really just watching for fun. It is a little long though.

Tekken 7 combo video by STL

KOF combo video by Tekila

3rd Strike (PS2 version) combo video by rKf. Is it really that liberal in that port?

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Bryan and Lei combo clip by STL

Mortal Kombat X Shinnok (Impostor) combos by CHECK

Mortal Kombat X Predator combo video by cjbqulix

Street Fighter III: New Generation Ryu combo clip by eKo

Skullgirls Eliza combos

Yatagarasu AoC Jyuzumaru combo challenges by HurtboxTV




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