Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1326

3 08 2015

I have been pretty slow with clearing EVO2015 videos but they will come slowly. Here comes the first batch

USF4 matches

Bonchan vs LU Alex Valle

EG Momochi vs RZR Xian

Jayce the Ace vs Tempo Chris G

EX Kenzo vs DaFeetLee

Bonchan vs SD Pnoy

J Stars Victory VS+ Kenshin combo clip by Silvius sama

USF4 bugs by Desk. Interesting finds, but probably won’t change the VS scene at all.

KOF02 Kusanagi combo clip by zero2k

Yatagarasu AoC Shimo combo challenges by HurtboxTV

Rising Thunder trailer. Hmm, free to play fighting game on PC. Let’s see how this turns out.




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