Another Long Weekend

19 07 2015

Yep, it is time for the usual weekly update and it is nice to have another long weekend to enjoy, thanks to a public holiday. Yeah, there have been quite a number of long weekends this calendar year so we have ‘auto’ longer breaks like this. I’m not complaining, and in fact I hope there are more holidays because that means less work days to attend to. Lol.

The past week has been considered relatively peaceful at work, but apparently from the coming week onwards it will be quite a pain once again which is of course something I will not be looking forward to. Oh well, I guess there’s not much option but to grind it out for the next few weeks since there will be a bunch of new features which need some intensive testing. All I can hope is that it won’t be as painful as I envision it to be currently. Haha, but just be prepared for some complaining in the coming weeks or something.

In other matters, the world’s biggest fighting game tournament is underway at the moment and I am still on track in predicting the correct winner for the biggest event there. I will be watching videos of that eventually, though I suspect it will take quite a while before I actually begin on them, much less talking about finishing them. After all, my clearing of videos has been kind of slow recently since I am trying out a new combination. Either way, no matter who the winner is, I hope there will be some exciting matches to look at when that happens. I will still read the final placings anyway before I watch the videos so I suppose I will be ‘spoiler-ed’ a bit.

For the rest of the weekend, I suppose it will be a combination of playing some games, drafting some entries and clearing some videos. Hmm, sounds like I am trying to do a tad too much given how much time is left for the weekend. Oh well, I will try to see how much I can cover. You can expect the usual type of entries in the coming week and I will be back again next weekend for another (probably) uneventful update. Haha, just remember to take care and not be too stressed up by work. Hmm, sounds like it’s meant for me instead. =p




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