Of Fruits, Water and Others…

12 07 2015

For starters, I am quite sure the title makes no sense to most of you but I will try to ‘explain’ what they are as we go along. Hmm, since there might be quite a number of topics or so, the entry may become longer than usual or more wall-ish if you know what I mean. It has been a long week filled with ‘events’ I guess.

Let’s see, first up, I have finally made the switch to a faster internet connection. It may not be the lowest price in town per unit speed, but seeing its price is identical to what I was paying previously for a comparatively much slower speed, I felt that it isn’t too bad to make the jump now. Plus, there’s also a little bit of benefit since I can get slightly off my monthly subscription, though apparently that cannot kick in immediately (like what? in this day and age…). Oh well, at least in time to come, the net expenditure on this department every month will be slightly reduced which isn’t too bad of a news for me I suppose.

Haven’t really got the chance to fully test and utilise the entire bandwidth. In fact, I am not even sure if it is even possible to consume that much given my usage pattern but I have definitely seen increased speeds on a few occasions thus far and it is very satisfactory for the time being. Hope the stability and all will continue to maintain in time to come. Also, it seems that setting up and tweaking some settings to my liking on the router and whatnot to be quite easy to handle, considering my less than acceptable skill and knowledge in this aspect.

Next up, related to the previous topic, I have tested my stream once again and this time it works properly. For now, I would probably use XSplit if I ever need to broadcast until I decide to explore OBS in detail since the latter has theoretically access to some features not available on the free version of the former. But I suppose it is fun and frustrating when I finally get down to customising and making everything look the way I want it. Oh well, that will be for the unknown future I suppose, knowing how I like to drag things out. Haha.

Moving on, I have recently passed another birthday and it is now my final year before I hit the next ‘milestone’. Come to think of it, reaching such an age and seeing what I have achieved and done so far, it does seem like I am quite a ‘failure’ in that sense. Oh well, I still don’t have the drive and ambition to go for something (or things) so here I am still bumping around which I think is a problem not just limited to me. Hic, that said, it is nice that some people actually recalled my birthday this year though as usual I didn’t hold any celebration of any kind which is pretty much the case for quite some years now.

Also, on that very same day, there was probably the worst train disruption locally and indeed it was quite shocking. Naturally, unhappiness on the ground is rampant and coupled with recent news it just fuelled it like crazy. A lot has probably been said online already, so I wouldn’t want to go to lengths to repeat a small subset of what’s already available out there. If anything, there are definitely issues worth worrying about, but raging at the wrong people will definitely not help getting closer to the goal of improving standards and all. I have been lucky to avoid this, and I hope I will continue to miss any breakdown when I am travelling. That said, one of the nights while returning from work, it is evident that the line faced some delays as it took like 15-20 minutes for a single train to come in that particular direction while the other was operating as per normal. Delays itself are already a pain so I can probably understand why the outrage and unhappiness due to the simultaneous failure was that bad. Hopefully, nothing serious comes out of it, and genuine improvements will be made in the near future.

Hmm, you might have noticed that I didn’t mention anything about work in particular this time. I guess I don’t really feel like talking about it, since it is not exactly a pleasant time. Haha, and the best part is I foresee ‘troublesome’ times to be coming real soon. Shall package it together when that time comes. For now, it is probably better to end this entry before someone complains to me it is too long again. Expect the usual to come over the next several days and I should be back again in a week’s time. Till then take care and try to have fun passing the days. See ya




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