Search Terms Volume #36

6 07 2015

Before you know it (or actually it is more of me), another quarter of the year has gone by. If you have been reading my blog, you might recall me saying something about me forgetting to leave a timeslot for this entry as it should belong to be published but I have continued to ‘extract’ the relevant information on its proper time anyhow. I haven’t taken a look at it (actually at this very moment it is just right before the time is right), but I think given the recent trends, it will probably be another rather uneventful and boring update. Well here goes.

1. end.of.the.chapter.awaits another.chapter
What does this mean?

2. psle tough maths questions complaints
hard primary school math questions psle
hardest psle question
It’s slowly building up huh… Does that mean the next quarter will prove to have more of such terms? Haha…

3. tatsunoko vs capcom zone x singapore
There’s still someone searching this in 2015? Wow, I’m surprised.

4. (11²+12²+13²+..+20²)=?
Using a calculator will probably be quicker than looking through Google results (I presume)

5. avengers-age of ultron was probably one of the most anticipated movies of the year 2015.
Yes, we probably all know that. So, why the search?

Hmm, now for country stats. Looks like I have to do a little summing on my own. With a little help from Google, I guess I will be able to do it much, much quicker in future, but here goes.

1. United States – 468 (-)
2. Thailand – 207 (↑)
3. Mexico – 117 (↑)
4. Japan – 91 (↓)
5. Singapore – 71 (↓)
6. Indonesia – 58 (↑)
7. South Korea – 49 (↓)
8. United Kingdom – 36 (↓)
9. Algeria – 34 (↑)
10. Canada – 26 (↑)

Well, that wraps up another entry in the series. See in another few months’ time I guess.




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