1 Year, 3000 Days and more

5 07 2015

It’s time for another weekly update I suppose, and this time it is also a long weekend for me, well a self-created one. For those who know me better can probably make a guess on why I am doing that. Well, more of that in the next entry since currently it is still considered the normal weekend if you look at it that way. Lol.

Anyhow, let’s start with explaining what the title is about. First we have 1 year. Now, that refers to my work ‘anniversary’. Actually, currently it is a few days more than that but it still remains the closest weekly update after the 1 year mark has passed. That also means it has been a year since I left my previous workplace due to forced circumstances though it seems now that it is more stabilised. Perhaps enough have left to reduce the costs and upkeeping somehow but either way I probably would never go back there since the trust and uncertainty levels are too high for my comfort despite having a relatively more relaxed pace there. I suppose for me, it is either staying where I am or figuring out what I would really like to try to do. Knowing me, the latter would probably not happen anytime soon so I guess I can’t be counting on that.

Work wise, I suppose I am slowly getting back into the pace of doing things but perhaps the extended break ahead will disrupt me once again. Either way, the new features should be coming soon and I foresee quite a pain trying to test those out and the amount of issues and bugs which would naturally come along with it as a ‘freebie’. Lol, but I suppose that is part of my job to see such things unfold and trying to uncover as many of them as possible, especially the ones with more impact of usability and user experience. Then again, I am not going to be worried about it until I return to work, otherwise there will be hardly any point having a break anyway. Not the typical Singaporean worker in that sense I suppose.

Also, for some reason, it seems that the app which I have been working on is included inside the SG50 Apps collection on Google Play (correct as of time of taking screenshot). Not sure what’s the criteria to be listed there since I am pretty sure there are made local made apps out there. Either way, it’s something I didn’t expect and am not sure whether it is the most appropriate to be listed at this time. But anyhow, I suppose some people in the company would be happy about it. As to which app is the one I am working on, it is probably not very difficult to guess.


Moving on to the next topic, 3000 days would be referring to my blog’s age. Yeah, so many days have gone by and here I am, still trying to persevere and maintain its daily activity. Most likely, I will try to continue to do so or as long as I can until I find something else which can replace its role of enabling me to continue at something for an extended period of time. Hmm, speaking of which, the video entries are once again in place for the week ahead already thanks to some tweaks at clearing videos. Heh. Seems like video entries won’t be stopping for some time to come.

Anyhow, I think that is about it for this week. I will save something for next week to talk about instead. Take care and hydrate more. The weather’s been pretty nasty again. See you.




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