Surpassing the Million

21 06 2015

Well yeah, I am late again this week. Guessed I was too immersed in watching shows, something I would have to cut down on, if I were to want to do more gaming and all. Anyway, as the title suggests, with this entry, for sure my blog has more than a million words written and published, even giving ample leeway to account for any possible discrepancies due to the way WordPress has ‘changed’ its counting method over the years.

Yeah, there seems to be no quick way to find a list of word length from the posts made, and I am too lazy to go ‘recount’ everything whenever they decide to change the counting algorithm. Well, I could, in theory, write an automated tool though that will take some effort plus also to ‘study’ the structure of URLs and elements in order to support that. Yeah, it’s not exactly that essential for me to get the real exact figure though it would ideally be nice to. I suppose the current counting will be a sufficiently good estimation/representation. On top of that, there are so many entries which are unpublished at the moment so I have actually already written way more than the million+ which you can see currently.

Oh wow, from the little random talk, it is already more than 200 words just for that. Anyway, let’s move on to the recap of the week. Since last week, I’ve been ill and Mr. virus did not want to spare me just yet. For the first time in a long, long time, I was actually given 3 days of MC right off the bat. To be honest, it is not a nice feeling at all when you are this ill, finding it difficult to sleep in long stretches of time, where long is the kind of duration a normal person should be sleeping each day. Yeah, interruptions to sleep makes it hard to recover more quickly even though I did clock the hours. I suppose I really experienced what it is like to have prolonged interruption to deep sleep patterns. Oh well, I am on the road to recovery now, or at least I am much better than a week ago though there’s still some lingering problems sticking around.

Work wise, it is no surprise that I didn’t achieve much this week again. While I did manage to get through the 2 remaining work days, I spent some time catching up on what went on alongside my reduced efficiency brain and work rate since I was still pretty much ill when I returned, not to mention that during the working hours taking short naps and rest are not exactly condoned. Actually, I am not sure what the focus should be on at the moment, but I suppose I will have to figure out in the coming week. Hmm, in any case, I definitely haven’t been contributing much at the workplace these past 2 weeks since I was literally on medical leave for half the number of days and an extra 0.5 days of annual leave due to me being ill etc.

Blog entries wise, I have already scheduled the week’s worth ahead of time since I managed to clear some videos in between my disrupted rest hours and lack of concentration etc. Yeah, short videos can still be digested in my ill state so those entries accumulated more smoothly. Also, I did manage to reduce my (net) writing backlog by a little with more entries drafted in the past week than any other average. That said, I think the quality of writing might be lower than usual due to my reduced concentration span and weaker thinking ability during those days. Then again, you mostly won’t be seeing those entries until some years later if I were to continue blogging as I have been doing.

Well then, there is not much of the weekend left so I should be doing my usual for now while hoping for a full recovery to happen. I still have other things to talk about but I realised I am not fully prepared for it just yet. Perhaps it will appear in sometime in the future. As usual, everyone please take good care of yourselves as the weather is still being rather unfriendly at the moment (or maybe it’s just me and my weak health =P). See you next week.




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