Simply Unwell

14 06 2015

As the title speaks for itself, I am currently still ill, despite having taken 2 days of medical leave and an additional 0.5 day of annual leave because it felt so horrible and was difficult to concentrate on anything ‘serious’. Yeah, my attention span is even much shorter than usual which makes it a real challenge to do anything well. That said, it’s not like I am well and fine right now, so it is no surprise that this entry was a little hard to dish out, for reasons different from the usual delays you see.

Anyhow, with half the week not at work, it is no surprise that my progress or whatsoever is not a lot. In fact, even during the times when I was at work, it is not like I was at my usual capacity though I still managed to identify some of the key problems. While I may not be anywhere near the kind of an ideal employee, I still feel bad that I didn’t cover much work in the past week. Now that I am still not back at 100% health (not even close), I am not sure how the coming week will be, or how long I will be able to last before my health dips again. Why do I say that? Cos the first day after my medical leave, I was somewhat able to get through the day, but the following day proved a tad too much for me to take and gave in by taking the afternoon off simply because it was difficult to do anything meaningful. Oh well, have to wait and see what the week will be like for me, though I am not expecting it to be a very good one.

Despite staying at home a lot more than usual, it is not like I could peacefully rest throughout the entire time. For example, bad coughs can be quite disruptive to sleep even though I have taken medication and all. Disruptive rest is actually quite ineffective in recharging oneself I feel, or at least this time round I found that the recovery process is quite hindered by the inability to have uninterrupted sleep for an extended period of time. Sigh, it is really no fun being ill. For those who are concerned, I do not have any fever so it’s just really the normal flu that is apparently a little difficult to go away.

On a side note, it’s steam summer sale again. Managed to get a couple of games in my wishlist since they were at a price I was agreeable to, though it is pretty obvious I haven’t started playing them at all. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it properly now anyway so might as well. Not sure if there will be any other things catching my eye during this period, but I definitely won’t be keeping a close eye on everything. Just pop by and see what’s on as and when. If you know of any good deals, no harm letting me know. =)

Well then, I think I should stop here and spend more time resting or just chilling one corner. I never knew blogging actually required quite some concentration and energy to pull off. Or maybe I am just too weak. Either way, really need to take care and I hope I will still be able to continue to update this blog. See ya.




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