Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1282

11 06 2015

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Fighter Force DLC costume ‘gallery’ by BloodBurger1

Mortal Kombat X Shinnok combo video by dietydevil

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Marie Rose combo challenge by FightersLegend

Street Fighter 5 M. Bison reveal trailer. Ok I finally got around to look at this trailer. Hmm….

BBCPEX Hakumen combo video by Nishiki. The audio has been muted to copyright.

BBCPEX Jin combo video by Kosuke. Actually there a few extra combos that aren’t Jin. Also, the combo content ends at around the 3 minute mark but you can continue to enjoy the background music

BBCPEX Iron Tager combo video by Kaosu

BBCPEX Hazama combos by Tezel

Mortal Kombat X Sub Zero Tundra costume gameplay by Rajman

Mortal Kombat X stage brutalities




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