[TAS] Ikaruga by keylie

25 05 2015

I don’t normally post tool assisted speedrun videos on my blog, but I felt that this one was really well done and it’s also a game I really liked even though I am really bad at it. Yeah, I can’t even complete normal mode with a single credit, though strictly speaking I am not even close to doing that and this video will be using hard mode.

This speedrun also targets for maximum score while controlling 2 players. In this case, having 2 players will definitely increase the score and also increase the speed at which the game can be cleared. Even though it is tool assisted, it is not like the game is a walk in the park once you have tool assistance and 2 players. After all, the game looks simple but is actually far deeper than that. In order to get a good score and time, full utilisation of the game mechanics/system is of course a must and this play will really demonstrate it well. I would say the execution is mostly perfect though there should be ways to squeeze a little more juice out to improve this run. But then again, I am no expert in this game so my assumptions and thoughts about that could be wrong, or the amount of manipulation required is far too complex to be worth the effort at this point.

Well then, enjoy the gameplay and you will be able to understand why I found this game to be really interesting as compared to many other games in the same genre. Of course, don’t expect real human gameplay to be near this level of play, which is the whole point of TAS in many cases. Just enjoy the beauty of the game, and the run. Nice work!




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