Unstable Once More

24 05 2015

Hello there, it’s time for another update and it might be a good thing I am on time/early again. At least it means I am available enough to be writing an entry and also not procrastinating too much that I put off like how I would on some occasions. Oh well, it’s not like there’s a lot in store this time round either so I’ll just go ahead and write whatever I want in hopes of creating more content. =P

It was another busy week at work, but I suppose I should be thankful that I didn’t need to go back on the weekends once again. Strange eh, after all, not working on weekends should be a norm for most in my social circle but I guess this month has been pretty hard thus far so I can’t be caught off guard. Well, I still don’t see the end of a chapter but hopefully that will come around next week or something. To be honest, some of the decisions made in recent times are really not very convincing to me and I think some of those changes have begun to get on the nerves of some fellow colleagues rather big time. Even though these people are supposed to be high calibre considering the so called hiring requirements over there, they are, in the end, still very human and perhaps in some ways less accommodating than the ‘average’. I wouldn’t say it applies to all, but based on my observations these months, there are definitely a few who can be quite temperamental or short fused. Or at least their dissatisfaction is shown quite obviously, perhaps even much more than me since I am not exactly very vocal about it (though my facial expressions may give it away. Lol). Either way, it is definitely not heading in a good direction even though the company is supposedly investing a lot in this project and having high hopes of achieving good results with it. Ah well, in the meantime I shall try my best to be an observer since these days I have basically no influence over decisions or anything unlike in the earlier days where some of my suggestions could actually be taken up which are still partially in place till now. Hic, whatever, since I kind of realise that I am really not as skilled/talented as some of the people there.

Now moving on to random stuff, let’s start with the fact that I tried playing a game I bought some time back. By tried playing, it really means starting up the game and giving it a try. From the short encounter, I realise that I am not really all that good with such action games as it make me feel quite some motion(?) sickness. I guess I am really only ‘tuned’ to a limited genre of games and this is one which I am not good at handling just yet. Apart from that, given the default controls setup of the game and the actual key combinations needed, I realise that my keyboard is really lacking in terms of certain keypress combos. Since I don’t play games with similar controls, it is probably why I didn’t realise until now. After all, it is an old keyboard, sitting at around half my current age. So you can imagine it is not as capable as even the basic stuff out there. I mean, even a laptop keyboard did better in some basic key test. At least, this keyboard accompanied me through the times when I was really into combo making and played quite a lot of fighting games. On top of that, it also endured through all the blogging these years and more, which I can only imagine contributed several million more presses from this alone. Perhaps it is indeed the time to look for a replacement, and to see what’s the deal about a certain type of keyboards which most of the developers at my workplace are into. Did some reading up about them but I am still lacking the most crucial piece of information which I would need. Hopefully, I will be able to make that important step next week, and then go on from there. I suppose some of you smart people out there can probably make a good guess what I am talking about. Haha, well, it’s going to be additional expenses on my part but I suppose I can make do with that since I have ‘fewer commitments’.

As for my backlogs, I suppose this week has been okay and not growing too much as compared to the earlier weeks in the month. That said, it is not like I am entirely done with the coming week’s entries just yet, but I suppose I will be able to get by the coming week without a hitch. Hmm, still working on the other types of backlog slowly and I guess it will eventually be cleared as long as I don’t end up burning weekends for no reason. That said, I can’t say that this year’s overall log clearing is doing as well as I would expect, but then again considering my (basic) working hours and travelling time have increased as compared to my previous appointment, it is only natural that I now have less time for all these stuff even if I keep other factors constant. After all, there is still only 24 hours a day no matter how you look at it, and there is a limit to how much multi-tasking/parallel I can do with what I have. Sometimes I wonder if I am more ‘serious’ about what I am doing outside work than my job itself, except that the former cannot offer me a salary, at least not at my level of expertise since I am too spread out. Those who specialise well enough might be able to earn a paycheck from some of these activities but I am nowhere near that. So I guess it can only remain as my ‘hobby’ though I don’t think that’s quite the word for it. Ah well, at least it is something I can continue doing, which is probably quite rare for me. =P

Ok, I realise that this entry is generally bad with the paragraphing, but heck, I am too lazy to re-read and then separate it further so I will leave it as that. It also turned out to be a rather wordy entry, longer than I thought it would be and definitely much longer than the average entry I have. Oh well, I should get some rest and continue to utilise the remaining hours of my weekend in the meantime. Take care and I will see you next week! =D




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