Long Awaited Weekend

17 05 2015

We meet again, but finally I am able to sit around and laze at home on a weekend, like I normally would until the recent weeks which became a real pain to go through each day. After all, it is totally not my style to be going through that routine though I see that it is quite a piece of cake for some. I guess the motivation to work and the drive are just on a different level, or some other strong reason to keep them going. Either way, I am just glad that I am back to my usual schedule for the time being.

That said, I did spend quite some time sleeping, probably all the fatigue which have been building up. Honestly, I should still have a crap load of sleep debt overall but I guess the extra hours these couple of days so far is to make up for the immediate damage done recently. Normally I wouldn’t be too pleased with myself if I spent that much time sleeping but I suppose now I am just glad I get to rest or do whatever I want on a weekend. After all, it is the main motivation for me during a typical work week anyway. Let’s hope that this can continue for some time to come before I have to go through this unpleasant routine again.

Why do I say that? Judging from the style of management of the project I am in the recent weeks, I doubt I have any praises for it though perhaps that is *the* way to do stuff if you want to strike it big and be daring. Oh well, it made me realise that I am indeed not going to be suitable to start out on my own for sure, and at the same time probably not going to be a very good leader, even if it is just mid-level type of managing role. After all, the way I do things and how a business project should be run are probably on two ends of a spectrum. I guess I have to continue looking for that something in the meantime. Meanwhile, I shall see how this project will evolve and turn out to be, since what I have in mind seems to be quite different from the kind of ambitions that have been expressed. Again, that could be due to me lacking the kind of foresight. Maybe I will be able to learn something from this.

So I managed to squeeze out enough entries the previous week to be filled with fighting game videos, but for those who are observant enough, you might actually see the ‘trick’ which helped it to be fulfilled. Well, I haven’t exactly completed the coming week’s “quota” but it will definitely be done soon. After that I should probably clear a bit of my writing backlog for other shows. Indeed, that one has totally been neglected all this time so I ought to reduce it slowly over time while I can. Hmm, one likely problem is that I will encounter writing block. At least, it has never failed to happen whenever I tried to clear a bunch of entries at one go. Ah well, it’s not really urgent in the sense that those entries will probably not see the light anytime soon, judging from how some of those in the reserves have been there for a few years now. Haha.

Oh well, I am surprised I didn’t rant all that much in this entry, perhaps trying to enjoy the relaxing times at the moment rather than to taint the mood with negative emotions. So I guess that’s all for this week and hopefully the next time will be another peaceful entry like this one. Take care and have fun.




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