Solemn Week

29 03 2015

It has been a long week for Singapore, as you might have read from any decent local news publication even if you are abroad. Of course, at least back home, the media has been full force covering and playing documentaries about his past contributions and achievements. While I haven’t watched a lot of those footage, whenever it was meal time at home, the TV will definitely be on and I would catch parts of these videos. All these content probably made the mood even heavier for many others, but I guess it is a necessary tribute after all he has done over the past decades.

I am no history buff, nor did I excel when I studied Singapore history in whichever educational subjects I had to take. Neither have I met him or any past/present ministers personally. Unlike many others, I haven’t gone down personally to pay tribute at the parliament house or any of the other sites where they have welcomed over a million people in total over the past several days. Hence, I may appear to be quite disconnected or non-nonchalant about this matter, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate and acknowledge the overall achievements he had done. I am probably just like that when it comes to expressing such feelings and emotions.

I guess I wouldn’t be talking about my past week like I do for my other updates, since it is probably not a good time to do so. And more importantly, it is really, really insignificant in a time like this. The mourning period is approaching its end, but it is the beginning of a brand new chapter and likely to be the real challenge in this new era. It is nice to see that many people are able to come together for a common purpose even though I have seen many occasions where the camps are much more separated. Perhaps there is still much potential if there is something everyone can work towards in the future, just like those good old days. It will be a sight to behold on where the future will lead, but I sure hope it would not be filled with too much turmoil. Well then, I suppose that’s it for this week, keeping it short and simple. See you next week, hopefully with something more positive to talk about. Take care and try not to get too emotional.

p.s. I am really humbled and surprised by all the international attention and foreign attendance by current and past prominent figures.




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