8 03 2015

Hello there, it is time for another weekly update and indeed, it is another late entry. Actually, I am feeling kind of lousy at the moment, probably thanks to the “exceptional” schedule I had yesterday till this morning. Given my ‘durability’ these days, it is not particularly the biggest of surprises. Oh well, at least my work week ahead is short because I will be clearing some days of leave to attend to some matters. Then again, precisely I have matters to attend to, it looks to be a pretty non-relaxing week ahead, as compared to how some may perceive ‘clearing leave’ to be.

The past week was pretty busy, though I suspect some people were expecting me to work longer hours. Ah well, it is not in my nature to be that enthusiastic about work, considering the kind of output they were trying to come up with. In fact, my progress on my original plan has been delayed because I had to sidetrack to attend to some matters which I wasn’t expecting when I looked at the original schedule. Oh well, looks like cracks in my involvement are going to show up pretty soon. Not sure what fate awaits me ahead, but I hope it won’t turn out too ugly. The next few months will tell, at the latest. Let’s wait and see how I will end up. Hahaha.

As such, I haven’t been clearing much of my backlog this past week. In fact, you could say I didn’t clear any of the “main” backlog, particularly those closely related to the ‘survivability’ of this blog. Maybe I will try my best to slot in a few entries or something in the remaining hours of the weekend, but probably won’t be achieving very much in the time that is left. Oh well, not that you can see the effects of it just yet, so it is probably of not much significance to most of you here for the time being. Meanwhile, I suppose I will end it here for this week’s entry and come back again next week, most likely with a new rig. =)




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