Begin Moving

1 03 2015

Bummer, how did I end up being so late again this week? Haha, guess it’s my usual lazy bug plus procrastination at work mainly. I did schedule a bunch of entries (2 weeks worth) before starting on this so I guess you could say I have already done “something” to my blog this weekend. Oh well, there is also probably not a lot to update this time round so the entry should be over relatively shortly.

Work wise, there’s still the “aftermath” of the post CNY season with people slowly returning to their places and hence pace has picked up as the week progressed. Not sure if it is a good or bad thing for me, but looks like the amount of todo items just increased over time. I suppose there are just some things which are just difficult to run from and have to be faced sooner or later. But as usual, I think the “best” approach is to see how things go one step at the time since there are always so many changes and “hidden” requests which I do not know of until rather late. Oh well, it is very thin line before I snap, but let’s just hope that doesn’t happen at all, or at least not anytime soon. I don’t like it when I snap and I’m pretty sure the people around wouldn’t like that either.

About a sixth of the year has gone by, and I feel like I haven’t done much this year. There looks to be more things ahead to be done, such as getting a new rig in roughly a couple of weeks’ time. Think it will be a fairly busy period ahead as I continue to fail to set some concrete goals and direction in life. Will likely to be dragging my feet along for more time to come. Heck, before I really realise it, it will probably be end of a quarter of the year and another month. In the meantime, I hope it doesn’t get too tough getting through all that, and also hopefully catching up with some people along the way. Take care and I should be back next week for more fluffy talk. See ya.




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