Long Weekend Ending

22 02 2015

Well, it has been a nice long weekend with quite some days off work, but it is all coming to an end fairly soon. I mean, it’s already Sunday afternoon and it’ll be back to work soon enough. The next time I am gonna get such a long break will be in March, though I took leave so that I can clear some errands so in that sense I wouldn’t exactly be having a leisurely long break during that period. Never mind, more on that when the time comes.

Work wise, it is pretty strange to see a rather empty office since a lot of them have gone back for the festive period. But some remained here, so I guess it could be even emptier. Lol. That said, it is both tranquil and also holiday mood in the working place which kind of conflicting when trying to tackle work. Oh well, I still had to clear some important work anyway so there wasn’t much of a choice for me in that sense. More grinding in the weeks ahead looking at the schedule of the project. Since there are so many changes happened along the way, I suppose there will be more uncertainties in the days ahead and the only way is probably to react as it happens.

For the festive period, it feels more and more like a holiday/break for me rather than immersing in the celebratory mood. Okay, granted there is still a need to do a visiting/gathering but even that I see is not as it used to be. Perhaps people growing older changes habits and preferences. Yeah, I’m one of the youngest in my generation so you can go figure. Things change when there’s more little ones running around, so I am pretty much left alone these days, which is a good and bad thing. The good thing is that I don’t really have to entertain much questions, but on the other hand it can be really quite boring sitting around doing nothing. Haha, the awkwardness too… Oh well, maybe this won’t continue very much longer, maybe another decade tops from the way I look at it. Guess this tradition will be ‘eroded’ for me.

Cleared some backlog during this period, but it seems like it ain’t exactly enough if looked at the overall picture but I guess each ‘section’ got reduced a little. Hmm, it was fun clearing backlog this time round though. Too bad the holidays are almost over and I will probably back to my normal pace of clearing once again. Sigh, but I have to work in order to get my income. Perhaps it’s a good thing I am not overly rich otherwise I might really quit my job without batting an eyelid. Hahaha, me being crazy again. I suppose it’s back to the very, very boring routine life for some time to come. At least I view a work life being more boring than me clearing backlog while camping at home. =P I’ll be back next week, I hope. See ya.




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