15 02 2015

It’s the weekend again, and it’s probably one of the more hectic ones for many out there, since yesterday was likely to be a mandatory busy day for many couples. While I am sure couples out there have different expectation levels of what to hope for on this now overly commercialised day, I doubt there is much chance that anyone who can get away with doing absolutely nothing, unless of course you are like me =P

Well then, it is a pretty usual week for me just like any other, which means that the entry ahead is likely to be rather boring in that sense, since there isn’t really anything special to be sharing about. Or at least, you won’t be seeing me describing about a hot date, or sharing pictures of whatever sincere gifts done. Haha. Let’s see… starting with work, I think it is the pretty usual as the past few weeks, doing the same old, and also getting a preview of the beautiful schedule ahead. Sigh, never mind, I guess I can just hope for something miraculous to happen, or certain compromises to be made. Otherwise, I guess the fateful will be inevitable this time round. We shall see in the weeks ahead.

Now it is slightly past the midway mark of the month but I will be going to schedule entries for the rest of the month shortly after posting this so I can take it easy for the next couple of weeks. But I guess I do have a “problem”, since I have been pretty much using “greedy” algorithm to clear my YouTube backlog in order to [mainly] 1) reduce the video count in the watch later playlist (since max cap seems to be 200) and also to [bonus] generate more entries so I can do batch scheduling. Lol, I guess I could spend the upcoming CNY holiday period to clear more of these videos, though I realise I have been pushing quite a few things to this period, or at least in my mind I have done so. “Oh, CNY got more time to do this, that…”. I guess it’s becoming quite a bad idea.

In other matters, still trying to get used to my new phone and it seems that there are still problems I can’t fix yet but at the same time the problem doesn’t apply to all scenarios. For now it doesn’t seem to be causing any major inconvenience for me and I hope it stays that way. Haha. Anyhow, the new phone is definitely better than what I had previously and it is probably okay to start looking for something new to play on the phone, since I don’t think I will be doing other things very much. So, if you got any fun (free to play) games that isn’t too “hardcore”, please do drop me a recommendation! Meanwhile I will continue to stick by the game which I have been playing for quite some time now but I will always welcome something which I can not take it so “seriously” and still have fun.

The coming week will be a relatively short one from the work point of view, and probably the office will be even emptier in the days ahead judging from the nationality distribution. Hopefully that means the week ahead will pass by more peacefully and I will be able to recharge further during the extended weekend holidays. Currently, I feel like a “zombie” dragging myself through each day. Though I don’t really like the idea of napping on weekends, I might need to do so later since I still feel really undercharged this time round. Take care and I will see you next week.




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