Losing Drive

25 01 2015

Yeah, another late entry that it’s probably more like the norm now. Indeed, I am not finding much motivation to be blogging these weekly updates since I feel like I am writing about the same old stuff with some slight variations which usually have little impact or change to the outcome of things. Well then, since I’ve made myself to start writing this, here goes…

What goes first… work? Hmm, it’s pretty much the same old actually, just that I am slowly, but surely spending more time at work because the deadline is nearing and more stuff is rolling in. I suppose the developers are also spending more time at work in order to churn out more content. Like I have mentioned before, it is probably going to get worse down the road and as much as I don’t like it, I suppose I only can accept it if I want to stay where I am currently. All I can try to convince myself is that I will really be seeing a project from its infancy to it being launched as a live product. While it is not my first time seeing a product go live, I haven’t actually participated in anything from the very beginning of the project so perhaps it will be a good experience and hopefully add some new value to my puny life thus far.

Haven’t been writing very much for other entries either (video entries don’t really consider as real writing to me) as I am more interested in watching more stuff and relaxing in the reducing amount of time I have to myself recently. Yeah, I guess writing entries really do take some effort and brain power as compared to merely comprehending what is going on in a particular show. As such, now the number of entries waiting to be written is slowly growing with each passing week and it’s not that good of a sign. Then again, with the video entries taking up so much time on my blog these days, I still have plenty of ‘show’ entries in the reserves that you probably wouldn’t know what I haven’t written anyway. Haha, perhaps one of these days I will find some inspiration to clear a few so I wouldn’t count them out just yet. That said, the coming week will indeed be more video entries, and at the rate things look, it will likely be the case for the coming month too. Haha. Not many hours till the end of my weekend so I am trying to make the best out of it before another gruelling week begins. Take care and hopefully next week I will still find some strength to give another update! See you.




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