I Did It Again

11 01 2015

Yeah, I am late once again for this week’s update. Somehow I got engrossed with whatever I was doing over the weekend and hence you see this late once again. Oh well, probably nothing particularly surprising by now. Also, there is probably not much going on this week so I will just try to wrap it up quick. =D

Work wise, it has been a fairly busy week and it will probably only get worse in the coming weeks, considering the supposed schedule that is supposed to be met. To be honest, I am totally not looking forward to the coming work days but I guess those in the management/planning departments are likely to be looking forward to the completion of the various milestones and see what kind of (good?) results can be achieved. Ah well, it shall be a test for me in the coming weeks and I hope I will survive it without suffering too much =X Yeah, I should be more enthusiastic about this but you know me, it is quite difficult to achieve on that front. Just try to get by as usual I guess, though I am not sure how long this can last in that environment. Also had my review and I suppose I have survived thus far though much is expected of me in the coming year. I am not sure if I can live up to the expectations but I will do my best (without OT-ing lots) in the coming year and see where I can reach. We shall see how the year unfolds, hopefully it doesn’t get too ugly.

This week will be pretty slack for my blog, since I have already scheduled this week’s entry the previous weekend so I shall take a break this time and post another batch of dual weeks’ worth the next time I come around this little space for another update. Yeah it’s been a while since I did this, so it is kind of refreshing. What a way to start in the new year eh? =P Oh well, but it’s not like I am not adding more entries into the reserves so I can do such things. There is still a fairly huge lot (in terms of duration) of videos to go through in my YouTube playlist. Got to put in more effort (actually time is the key factor) into clearing them in the coming weeks, while trying to survive work. Lol, not a very good plan eh. Ah well, I should try to do more of what I feel like doing instead of caring so much about what others think. I realise that most people probably don’t think very much of me anyway, so might as well make my life less restrictive to go through. Hope to see some changes in myself on this aspect. Well then, there’s not much of the weekend left and I hope you enjoy what’s left of it =D Take care and see you next week.




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