4 01 2015

This week is on time (from the way you see it), though it’s really early on my side. There must be a reason why right? Yeah well, that’s mainly because I will be out later today and I will likely be lazy to write stuff after that even though I don’t expect to be out all that long. So might as well just get over and done with this even though I don’t think there is very much to talk about.

While it is the first update in the new year, you know that I am not one who actively sets goals or targets to meet so you wouldn’t be seeing any of that as usual. Well if anything, the resolution I use at home for my own PC remains unchanged and I don’t think it will be changing it anytime soon. In the past year, I did write about 517 non-blog, non-narrative entries which I think is quite a bunch. Of which, slightly over half of it belongs to fighting game videos, which you have been seeing quite a lot of it in recent years, so much so that I have already created a new sitemap for 2015 and future entries since it was previously quite cluttered already.

That said, I think it will continue to be the case for as long as I bother to watch such videos and update this blog, and I have already scheduled sufficient entries for the next 2 weeks. Actually, I have enough for another week to schedule but I am currently too lazy to do so. Not in a hurry anyway, so just leave it for another time to do it, maybe when I can do another couple of weeks at one go. Lol. Yeah, the YouTube backlog has yet to be cleared and it might haunt me pretty soon since I have been avoiding the long clips so the total duration scenario hasn’t improved much, if at all. Part of the reason is that quite a bunch of videos were released during the recent festive holidays which isn’t a particularly surprising thing.

Anyhow, in the year ahead, there are some things which I plan to do, and part of it probably involves some non-trivial spending. Perhaps I will be continuing my “spendthrift” trend in the year ahead, with last year being the one I spent the most since I started working. Of course, it is partly contributed by some unforeseen expenses which I don’t expect to be repeated anytime soon. That said, I still managed to maintain a relatively all right status if looking at the long term so I guess I shouldn’t be overly worried at this point. Just continue to watch my finances and I should be fine as long as nothing dramatic or drastic take place.

Work wise, the past week has been a mix of busy in the midst of the holiday mood/season. Still haven’t had my review yet, probably partly due to me being only there for only half a year thus far. Not sure where I stand in the eyes of the manager and employer is similar to what I see myself to be. I know I won’t be commended for being outstanding or anything but rather I am curious and nervous to know how “low” I fare in such an environment. There are also at least a couple of departures though now it is not like “public” information due to the new restrictions placed on sending mass email. I don’t exactly know many people in the company still, so there could really be more people leaving than what I currently know. Oh well, not supposed to be surprised I guess. After all, the current company I am in is different in many aspects from my previous employment.

Hopefully the year ahead will be manageable for me in various aspects. I will try to continue with this blog too, so I shall see you next week. Enjoy your Sunday~!




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