Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1147

30 12 2014

It is time for some Omega fun again. Seems like the community is having a nice time finding out new stuff. Let’s see how long this fad will last…

USF4 Omega Guy combo video by SaishuuKessen

USF4 Omega Ken combo video by Snoooootch

USF4 Omega Guile combo video by Neme

USF4 Omega mode combo video by JusticeSoulTuna

USF4 Omega Bison combo video by Monopr

USF4 Omega Oni combo video by Apolo Loussalier

USF4 Omega Seth combo video by MrMelongod

USF4 Omega Bison combo clip by Qs_FrEnZy

USF4 Omega Chun Li combo clip by SpyManSH

USF4 Omega Rufus combo video by Satwid3n




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