Mixed Bag

21 12 2014

Since yesterday was a pretty hectic day for me due to an important day for one of my buddies, I am actually still half awake writing this since I would rather want to go get extra rest or to catch up on some sleep, but I guess I want to get this out of the way before knocking myself out (again). I shall try to make this less boring (hopefully).

Let’s start with where I left off the previous week. Indeed, I was too ill initially and took a couple of days off work due to sick leave and having a course of medication to finish (mostly just done with yesterday). To be honest, being ill is something I would rather not be, at least during this recent episode where it was quite painful going through and there was this heavy reliance on sleeping. Before having to go back to work in the middle of the week, the longest continuous span of being awake was roughly 5 hours and that was my own (forced) doing in ‘preparing’ myself for going back to work, since a typical work day is like nearly half a day assuming I don’t get to catch some rest while travelling to and fro.

Well, I did manage to survive a full day of work, catching up with some progress in a positive manner but it turns out that the aftermath was the one that hurt me quite a bit. Considering that I had “less” time to rest thanks to being at work, the following day was quite a challenge and in the end I gave in and decided to burn my own leave to have more time to rest at home, as well as trying to recover as much as possible for my buddy’s big day. After all, he only has that big day once in his lifetime and I probably won’t have much opportunities to be a(n important) part of it considering the number of close relationships I maintain these days. And also, just because I’m a good or long-time friend doesn’t auto qualify for such a role since they could have better candidates in mind to suit their plans for their special day. I suppose I made the right choice and I am now mostly recovered (I think), though there’s still this lingering cough and phlegm which I think will take some time to recover like usual. At least I am now much better than I was a week ago, and hopefully this good trend will continue until I reach full recovery.

Along the way, I also met up with some of my ex-colleagues of the same team and had a short session. Yeah, it was really quite short since it was done on a weekday and some of us couldn’t stay out for very long (like me who was still actually ill anyway). Nonetheless, it is still nice to catch up after quite some time. Good to see that these people are generally doing quite well now, or at least definitely better than staying behind in the previous company which I think is still in very, very shaky state. Not sure how long it will be able to last, but I do hope these ex-colleagues of mine will get their owed salaries soon enough. Yeah, I was the first among the bunch to leave, and probably among the first to be fully back paid (tough journey as mentioned previously).

This is turning out to be a pretty long entry and depending on how detailed I want to write, there could still be more to go. Come to think of it, it is a pretty ‘action packed’ week for me, as compared to the usual ‘peaceful’ days I go through weekly. Well then, here comes the main event of the week, or at least to me it is the main event, which of course is Dom’s big day. The first time being part of the band of brothers, to be honest I was wondering it would be a tough time seeing some of the ‘spoil market’ examples posted on (social) media. If you ask me, I think some of those can be a little over the top, be it either over extravagant (ok maybe they are well to do enough to do such things) or that they are not exactly making the day an enjoyable one for the groom and his brothers in the morning by having excessive ‘tekan’ activities which appear more like punishments rather than proper tests of love. While it may be considered simple in the activities I went through, I think this simplicity is actually closer to making well wishes in a sweet and pleasant manner. Then again, for someone like me, my opinion may not actually be any accurate or even mean much, but I suppose I am still entitled to my own thoughts. The day can be busy at times, but having other good friends alongside and knowing that it is all for someone we care for, I think it is all worthwhile seeing the day run smooth. While I didn’t exactly do all that much, to be honest the day made me feel comforted much more than any other day. In fact I am not sure when the previous time I felt I had a more meaningful day. Oh well, I guess I have been ‘wasting’ my days away so it’s not that much of a surprise there. I’m not sure if I will ever be part of a pleasant event like this, or (wishfully thinking) be the main star but I am glad I have at least experienced something new (and overall enjoyable). All the best to the couple =) I think I can now sort of understand why some people can be affected by such occasions, though at this point I doubt it will have anything to do with me personally.

Now, back to the boring stuff, the coming week will be all fighting game videos again. Don’t ask me how, but through all that on and off resting, I somehow managed to dish out enough entries for the coming week and in fact with the release of new stuff recently, my “Watch Later” playlist is now rather packed, even enough to easily tide me through into the new year if I manage to go through that many by then. I will probably be busier during the coming week since I don’t suppose I will be missing work anymore for the rest of the year apart from the year end public holidays so it could well affect my videos clearing rate. There are still some things I could write about but then I don’t really feel like going into the details and what’s more this week’s entry should be more than sufficient for your reading, assuming you even survived through the entire thing diligently. Well then, that should sum up the entry for this week and I shall try to fully recover (coughing here and there isn’t exactly a very pleasant thing you know…). Take good care everyone, enjoy the festive season and I will see you next week for the final weekly update of 2014.




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