Ill Beginnings

14 12 2014

This week has been a very tiring week, and this has taken a toll on my already rather fragile health situation. As it is, I am battling against an ongoing flu and sore throat while trying to fight off a possible fever problem. Yeah, I will probably keep this short before I really knock myself out.

Why has my state taken a worse all of a sudden? Well, that’s likely due to the all-day event on Friday which the company organised a day at Sentosa playing various outdoor games. Given my fitness level and my usual activities on a day to day basis, it is already expected that I would be suffering damage but I was thinking it to be “only” on a physical level. Indeed, there are aches here and there but all of that is within acceptable range. Falling ill is not exactly what I had expected, despite me taking measures to hydrate as much as possible (there was a period of time where there was no more mineral water stock for some hours =( ) but looks like it wasn’t enough or a combination of fatigue and insufficient hydration caused some deeper damage. Oh well, on the “bright side” it is the first time I really had a company event to attend to though it turned out to be much more physical than I would have like it to be. Granted, I understand that there is probably some intention to break away from the usual activity all of us have in office but I guess it is too overkill. Even those who are supposedly fitter than me looked considerably worn out by the end of the day so maybe me ending up in my current state is nothing too absurd.

The coming week will be a new start at a new temporary office but I am not sure if I am going to make it on the very first day since I really feel awful now. Heck, even if it means I have to miss work I will probably have to recover as soon as possible over the next few days before my next big ‘task’ the next coming weekend. Hopefully that day will not burn me as bad since there should be much less sun exposure and likely less physical activity overall. There are also a couple of errands to run this week so it’s good luck to me. Looks like the end of the year is really going to be a “trying time” for me rather than the holiday season. Seeing my condition this weekend, I have no idea what the entries in the coming week would be like. I will (already have) ‘break’ my algorithm of clearing videos to put up as much entries as possible. Ideally, the entire week will be just that but I doubt I have the energy to go through enough. We’ll see how it goes then, not that it is particularly important to most of the readers here. Well then, I should have an early night and get more rest, and see whether I can recover enough by tomorrow morning. Not the kind of weekend I would like to have, but I suppose it can’t be helped. Meanwhile, everyone please take good care of your health and I hope the next time I see this little space I would be in a good condition.

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