Numbers Spiking

30 11 2014

After being quite late in publishing entry last week, this time around it is here earlier than expected, because later I will have an appointment to attend to and hence it is better I clear this out of the way first. That said, there are still some things which are not settled just yet and I will probably squeeze out the final few hours of the weekend to finish those up (hopefully).

Anyhow, I have survived another week at work, though this time it isn’t a full one since I took a day off on Friday. Whatever it is, I am slowly progressing at work and now I am immersed in a new project and it is taking up much more time than I had intended it to. Progress wise you could say it isn’t going the way I wanted to. Hopefully, it will not lead to me ahving to spend extra time at work outside the usual hours but that’s something to worry about later. Well then, I suppose with today’s date I will have considered to have completed 5 full months here. Not sure to say time has passed quickly, or I am still slowly wading through this new environment but I suppose I should be sticking around for a while to come so I better make some use of the time spent there, wherever my next stop may be.

In other slightly encouraging news, the leftover matters regarding my previous employer/company has finally come to a close, at least for official stuff. It isn’t the case for everyone just yet but I sincerely hope that their turn to close cases will come within the next few weeks. That said, some numbers look slightly more presentable for the time being though there will be quite some expenditure to come over the next few months, with a portion already taken place just yesterday. Yeah, spent some money getting stuff here and there, something which I hope I do not do very often as I don’t exactly earn that much. Well, there is some fun in obtaining stuff which I need to use, and I can remotely feel why some have this urge to go shopping ever so often. Thankfully, I have an inner self which is all too sensitive to numbers and so far restraint has been working well.

Next, for some reason, the past week saw quite a lot of traffic, probably the highest in the past 2-3 years or so. Not sure if it is a bunch of new bots crawling or something, but there is certainly no single entry which stood out exceptionally (recalls the PSLE entry some years back). I still don’t see any legit (read: non-bot, non-spam, non-ads) comments, nor do I earn anything (ad revenue) from higher traffic so I don’t exactly get much additional motivation from seeing these higher numbers. It just happens to fit the ‘theme’ of the week very nicely. Well, if there are more people who are enjoying their time quietly here, that would be the ideal scenario. Anyhow, I am still treating this as something personal to keep at it continuously just to see how long I can persevere at something.

Normally by this point you would probably expect me to declare something about the coming week’s entries, and indeed I am going to do so. However, I may not be filling the entire week with fighting game videos as I haven’t been able to come up with sufficient entries just yet. Yeah, there are still enough videos in my ‘watch later’ list, but I haven’t been able to clear the required numbers despite having a longer weekend partly due to me being busy the whole of Friday and tidying up some loose ends yesterday. The likelihood is that I would be touching one of those 2 year old ‘reviews’ which have probably collected quite a bit of ‘mold’ if it was truly a physical object lying around in the storage. Anyhow, recently it appears that I don’t see as much video releases on my usual channels, perhaps partly due to it being around the holiday season, or that people need a break in general while finding out new stuff to release. Whatever it is, it may be that my reserves will get to ‘see the light’ as the year draws to a close. We shall see how things unfold in the coming week(s) then.

Despite me making this a long weekend when looking from the perspective of a typical work week, various matters kept me busy and left me no better than a typical weekend actually. Oh well, got to catch some rest before going out for a gathering. Honestly, I am not quite sure what to expect of the meeting later on, but I guess I do need to make some effort to build some friendly relations. Just see what it will be like, hopefully it is a worthwhile move in the long run. Oh, this entry turned out to be longer than I had expected, but it is time to break for the week. See you again next week and take care in the days ahead!




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