Mega Late

23 11 2014

I’m really late this week eh? Haha, been caught up with other stuff and haven’t had time to sit down to write this. Well, since there isn’t a lot of time left I will make this quick and short too. To be honest, I haven’t even thought about what are the main points to write about this time. Normally I will at least think of a couple of things to talk about so there will be some content.

Well, I guess we can start with the ‘standard formula’, with work of course. Got thrown into a new project, or rather have to start (technically already started) exploring it. Oh well, guess I won’t be having it easy anytime soon, though it is the holiday season for quite some people out there. After all, it is approaching the end of the year. In fact, there will be quite a few major things I have to settle within this calendar year. Ah well, I will just have to try to take it easy as much as I can though I think subconsciously I have been failing in that aspect pretty badly. As long as I am able to handle it without going through immense stress or crazy work hours, I suppose I should be thankful since it could been worse if I ended up elsewhere…

Actually, I still have a bunch of stuff to draft after this, but looking at the time, it looks like I will be unable to clear them in time once again. Will still try to clear as much as I can to lessen the snowball effect. Yeah, it will snowball once more and perhaps there will come a time that I stop drafting ‘reviews’ as such. After all, this blog has been quite ‘well sustained’ by fighting game content alone. Haha, let’s see how long more I will last then. For now, it will be more video entries coming your way. Hopefully the week ahead will be manageable as there are quite a lot of things to handle and settle. Looking at how my weekends have been going recently, next week might be an even greater ‘challenge’. Let’s see if I will appear here next week. Hehehe….

p.s. above 20000 edits! Not that it counts the same way as before now… Oh well.




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