Fighting Game Videos Vol. 756

16 08 2013

UMvC3 Shuma Gorath, Spencer and Rocket Raccoon combo video by AnythingMooNs. I saw a few interesting (to me) combos in there.

KOF XIII Benimaru combo clip

SSF4AE 2012 Evil Ryu combo video by EvilMajin

Tekken Revolution Hwoarang combo video by HurtboxTV

Some short sample clips of the new characters that will appear on BB:CP console version, hitting at the end of the year if I remember correctly. And I hope these videos are still available for viewing by the time this entry goes live. Lol.

Kagura Mutsuki

Yuki Terumi

UMvC3 Iron Fist, Frank West and Dante combo video by Oswald BR. Hmm, I was expecting better damage output from this team combo video though…

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle trailer. Probably the last version we’ll see before the release date?

Killer Instinct 118 hit Jago combo

炫斗之王 (King of Combat) combo video




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