Unmei no Hito

1 06 2013

Japanese title: 運命の人
Number of episodes: 10

Some info:
1) DramaWiki
2) Official Site (Japanese)

After knowing it has some involvement with the reversion of Okinawa along some suspicions about the agreement, it is not hard to imagine there will be some amounts of politics involved, which means the drama will be pretty serious on these matters and the mood and atmosphere can sometimes be a little heavy. At least it is not a fully political centric series as our main character is a reporter who has this very strong belief of bringing the truth to the public.

Yup, so it’s more about this reporter’s struggle in an attempt to dig deep into the unrevealed portions to the agreement. In his quest to do so, he meets obstacles, the most obvious being those put forth by the government to keep certain information a secret. While he manages to charm a lady working at the foreign affairs department, this very woman will come back to bite him later on when a desperate move to push the government goes wrong and everything comes tumbling down. Let’s just say a woman can really be ruthless when it comes to a certain point even if she was really nice previously.

While the earlier parts of the series are more serious in terms of political interests etc, as the series progresses, the focus shifts much more towards the reporter, his life and the kind of events that happen to him and the people close. Of course in all of those developments, the political portion does have its significant influence over the plot. The meaning behind the drama’s title is revealed much later on, and I must say that it was the only plausible outcome seeing that it had not really surfaced for several episodes since the start of the show.

I felt that the drama was stronger in the earlier portions because there seems to be a better mix of drama and politics (or that sort of stuff), while the later portions was too much on the characters though it still had its good parts. And for all the kind of ‘big’ events that took place earlier and the kind of harshness on some accounts, the ending is pretty mild and somewhat happy ending comparatively. Not that I am against such an ending, but rather the entire transition process felt kind of weird. The attention to details throuhgout such as the fashion style, appliances etc are nicely handled for a story set a few decades back. Overall, I thought it was up for a good start, but unfortunately did not quite continue its excellence the way I had expected for the later parts of the show.




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