Fighting Game Videos Vol. 668

26 03 2013

KOF XIII Vice combo video by persona. Possibly one of the best works by persona in recent months, in my opinion. Cool stuff. Go take a look if you even remotely like this game.

KOF XIII Elisabeth Team and Kim Team combo video from the Japanese community. I like some of the maximum(?) damage attempts for lower meter requirements and also some of the flashier ones along with the ‘high dps’ ones.

UMvC3 combos from Wolverine Master. A short clip featuring a Trish combo and a couple of others from Wesker Must Die combo selection which didn’t make it into the final video.

A couple of KOF94 combo clips by harrymason81



Tekken Tag Tournament 2 combo samples by KYSG

BB:CP Noel combos by watagashi

BB:CP Valkenhayn combos by suya

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale new DLC character opening movies:


Isaac Clarke




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