Soredemo, Ikite Yuku

16 03 2013

Japanese title: それでも、生きてゆく
Number of episodes: 11

Some info:
1) DramaWiki
2) Official Site (Japanese)

A drama that had won a number of awards at their seasonal television awards, it should be something that’s pretty decent. There are certainly good things about the drama, but if you are unable to tell from the synopsis, this series is a little on the slow moving side as well as having quite a lot of those drama-emotional stages.

This style of drama is not exactly the kind I place higher on my list, hence I actually put it off for a while before I started watching it for real. As expected, the pace is pretty slow and there are many occasions that put additional focus and reliance on the cast’s acting to carry the story properly while trying to keep the audience from turning away.

The story is really quite simple to understand (or am I missing something??), but it’s the emotional journey as well as the interactions of the characters that make it count here. It takes a while to get used to the relatively slow pace (at least for me), although the middle portion was a little too much for me to take where I began to fast forward here and there just to continue to have an idea on what went on.

For the ending, I was expecting a little happier ending, but the way it ended had its own purpose and meaning too. Guess it can’t always with the happily ever after theme for shows like these, though the style it ended in was kind of a jump from the usual mood which may be a bit hard to take for some.

Overall, I could probably see why this series was awarded some of the recognitions, but it’s really more about the genre and style of the drama that would really determine if one will be able to sit through all the episodes and how well one would rate the drama. If this is your kind of drama, it should be a good watch for you, but if you are more similar to my preferences, it might onot be as suitable though I could still the good moments and intentions.




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