Search Terms Volume #17

13 01 2013

A new year, but I’m still continuing this little series. It also happens to be the 2100st day of this blog if I am not mistaken. Will there be anything special in particular? Let’s take a look…

1. rurouni kenshin movie poster dvd    And lots of other related searches. Too lazy to copy them one by one.

This does not come as a surprise since the DVD/Blu-ray has been released. Well, this will probably continue for a while more to come.

2. s²=18²-3²

This had 16 searches. Can someone tell me why?

3. download game gyromancer trainer

There’s a trainer for this? There’s probably no need for one unless you want to complete the ultimate challenge map or something. Forgot the exact name, but that one requires some amount of luck too…

4. blossom of passion cmv
blossom of passion redeyes9

Someone likes this combo video very much…

kof player rumble fish

People still searching for this page which has not been updated in such a long time…

6. i am searching

Great search term. Lol.

7. psle math questions unsolvable question

There is such a thing? Care to share?

Time for some country stats!

1. Singapore – 201 (↑)
2. United States – 128 (↓)
3. Philippines – 69 (↑)
4. Korea – 50 (↓)
5. Indonesia – 49 (-)
6. Brazil – 46 (↑)
7. France – 44 (↑)
8. Japan – 38 (↓)
9. Italy – 30 (↑)
10. Canada – 23 (-)




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