Fighting Game Videos Vol. 563

25 09 2012

Wow, Desk with a new UMvC3 finding regarding Player 1 only infinites. Well, to be more specific it is due to the (weird?) behaviour of the game which treats each side differently. I never really expected this much difference in ‘treatment’. This is ‘educational’, at least for me. And I thought KOF’s 2P corner jump property is weird enough…

adakino releases a new Last Blade 2 combo video that features does feature every character (if my memory is right). It uses bugs in many of the combos and some are just impressive. What surprised me most was the ‘announcement’ right at the end… Not many months left, so I’ll be looking forward to the whole thing =D Awesome.

Well there, here’s indeed the endings collection (for now), until new ones (if possible?) surface due to new playable characters with endings? After looking at all the endings, some are funny, some seem to carry on some storyline, others a little random. It’s like a mix of everything. Guess it should appeal to most people in some way.



Hmm, Japanese launch trailer for Tekken Tag 2, or at least from what I understand, it is a new promotion clip with slightly updated stuff since it’s already officially launched

Looks like Tekken Tag Tournament 2 fever hasn’t ended just yet! With the Wii U having its release date set in stone (somewhat), this game is announced for the console and it features some very Nintendo-sique elements in this trailer. Lol… madness.

SMPotatoes is quick to release a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 combo video featuring Ogre as a central character

Emperor Cow continues with another Dead or Alive 5 combo video using the Gamescom build, and focuses on Rig this time round

And then covering Lei Fang

An Aquapazza combo video featuring Rina as an assist. Not seeing very much of this game around…




One response

26 09 2012
Dark Chaotix

I remember SFA3 having different infinite’s for characters depending on which side you were on. IIRC, p1 can keep them in the corner, whereas for p2 it would crossup and never stay in the corner.

It was something on those lines but im not surprised that it still exist in capcom games now….

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