Fighting Game Videos Vol. 527

16 07 2012

The Japanese KOF XIII death combo series is back, and now has more combos/variations to offer for various characters. Some of them are really cool and still manage to kill the opponent (though may require a lot of meter). But hey, there’s also a handful which may come in very handy in a real match…

A SFxT Lili re-stand combo by EndlessComboz. Nope, it won’t be an infinite even if you could this since there’s meter requirements.

EndlessComboz with another combo video featuring some challenges he received

harrymason81 with a couple of KOF98 Vice combos, one of which powered by speedbug. Nothing particularly interesting here.

MrZJMan with a tutorial and explanation for the recent bug found named the Kubota escape glitch. Good to know how it works exactly, and I agree that it is going to be very situational and one must be quick enough to adapt and apply this too…

Looks like GuC11 is still fiddling around with Tekken 6 and here’s a new video featuring some extended hitbox properties/combos

And then explores the way to reproduce this King throw glitch after seeing his friend’s online match

More technical stuff in Tekken 6. Should probably be useful for players of the game.

Some new Tekken 6 findings by 538 and uploaded by theater10. Too technical for a non-player like me, and certainly doesn’t help that the explanation pages are in Japanese…

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 releases 4 more new characters announced for the upcoming console title




2 responses

17 07 2012
Dark Chaotix

I think i can answer that stuff from t6. The neta 65

Leo – Usually have to be in crouch to do that move, but doing it while standing.

Bryan – His throw usually have to be in crouch to preform it. They are buffering it after his taunt.

Paul – not sure

Lili – Not too sure, but those rising attack are usually done with a qcf motion i do believe. On both combos, maybe how many they can get?

ling – weird hit box after launch and same for towards the end of her second combo.

17 07 2012

cool. thanks! :)

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