Zettai Reido SP

26 05 2012

Japanese title: 絶対零度 Special
Number of episodes: 1

Some info @ DramaWiki

A special episode that was aired not long (like a few days) before the start of the second season, this standalone episode thankfully isn’t merely a recap of the events and cases that took place in its debut season. It takes place a few months after the end of its first season, and there is a new case this time for investigation.

But of course, there are some really quick flashbacks of some of the memorable moments from the first season. These scenes take up a very, very minor proportion of this special episode so don’t worry, it’s mostly entirely new content.

The star of the show is no longer with the team she worked with in season 1, but a newly popped up evidence that has some links to an unsolved case many years back has led them together for a joint investigation, to concentrate on both the present case, and the one left unsolved. So essentially we will still get to see the familiar team together, just that not all of them are in the same department. For those who have not watched this series before, there might be some relations that may not be so obvious, but I would say it is mostly fine even if you have started from here.

The ending was a little unexpected (although I heard of some spoilers), and I wonder if it will be “continued” in the second season, which viewers will get a quick trailer and glimpse into what season 2 has in store for us at the end of the episode. Season 2 looks to be more exciting and I would probably be picking that up in time to come. Not sure if this is a bridging episode of sorts,  but if you liked the first season, this special should be an enjoyable one too.




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