10 05 2012

Rating: NC-16
Running time: 93 minutes
Now out on DVD and Blu-ray!

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From the title, it might make you wonder what’s taken, or who’s taken. Well, it doesn’t take long who or what would end up being the target of being taken, and the role of Liam Neeson in this movie. I think for all his roles I have watched in recent times, they all have some relation with the military or operatives of some kind and here’s no exception.

Right, so if you don’t mind some spoilers, his daughter is the one being taken, and he’s the one who will go the extra mile, using whatever means it might take in order to save his beloved daughter. Not going into the action portion yet, the movie provides a very clear motivation and reason to why he loves his daughter so much, and some necessary tidbits of information on why he can actually go on a rampage to hunt down the people who have captured his loved one.

But of course, being such a skilled personnel who can actually solo some sizable organised crime syndicate, he is not all that perfect as his previous professional career cost him his family members with a divorce and no custody of his daughter. On top of that he doesn’t get to see her often and has some conditions added to it. What’s worse is that despite him leaving his job in an attempt to build a closer relationship with family members once again, the new stepdad is also a nice guy who is able to provide all sorts of material stuff as well, way better than he can. Lol, but the rich dude has his useful parts too. I think this whole affair of wanting to become a better family man added some flesh to Liam’s character.

Well then, he goes on a journey to get his daughter back from a foreign country, alone. He puts his past skills and knowledge to the very limit, resorting to any means to get that additional clue to where she might be located. It’s good that things move non-stop but it’s also the very same thing that makes it look things go too smoothly. As in, he doesn’t get counter hunted or hindered by both sides of the law too much in the process of digging deeper and further. And the most amazing part is that with all the chaos and destruction he has caused in the end, he manages to leave the country and return home with his rescued daughter seemingly easily. Lol, ok I understand that’s not the focus of the movie but rather his efforts in the rescue operation.

Liam definitely did a good job with his role, be it action wise, or the required emotions that his role had to have at different stages of the movie. The pace is pretty fast as well, seeing it is only about an hour and half including credits and the rescue journey requires quite many steps in order to reach his final goal. However, this solo effort is sometimes not really that believable especially the parts he can take on so many opponents while sustaining minimal or no damage. I suppose the overall result is that it is not too bad, mainly due to Liam’s performance really. My take: 6/10




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10 05 2012

I think his “solo” effort is the reason why this film makes a difference from other action films. :]

10 05 2012

I am a huge Luc Besson fan. Besson wrote the screenplay for this film but I didn’t really like it that much. The opening scenes in America were not good; the ones in Paris much better. But Neeson pretending to be French but continuing to talk with a broad American accent really ruined it for me. I know, I should relax – it’s just an action film.

Have you seen Besson’s self-directed films? Some of them (not all) are stunning. I highly recommend:

2005 Angel-A

1994 Leon: The Professional

1990 La Femme Nikita

1988 The Big Blue

I didn’t, but many do like:

1997 The Fifth Element

I’ve posted on Nikita in the past:

Thanks for sharing. Great site!

11 05 2012

wow, it’s been a while since anyone posted legit comments here.

@Ben: yeah, but his solo mission goes a tad too smooth at times despite having many “difficulties”

@Shimky of the movies you listed, I’ve only watched 5th Element. Not exactly the best movie around, but during its time it was somewhat different from many other movies. As for the other movies, if I chance upon them I might give them a shot =)

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