Team Batista Special 2011

3 11 2011

Japanese title: チーム・バチスタ SP 2011
Number of episodes: 1

Some info:
1) DramaWiki
2) Official Site (Japanese)

While it is titled SP 2011, this episode is clearly a continuation of where season 2, or the General Rouge series ended off. In fact, it continues with the explosion that was witnessed at the end of the series. And there I thought the explosion is going to be a substantial part of the special episode, but turns out it’s quite the opposite.

The whole incident was swiftly and briefly brought across in a very short span of time and clearly it was not the main highlight of this special episode. As usual, there is an incident taking place in the hospital and this time there’s someone trying to challenge the Emergency department by intentionally sending warning letters about how certain patients will have their conditions worsened etc when clearly the staff have already given the right treatment. So well, most of the episode is dealing with finding the culprit behind this malicious act.

The special episode isn’t that long either, just a little over an hour, inclusive of some carefully tailored opportunities to recap some of the more memorable cases and moments during the main season. A really quick recap for those who have not watched the main season to catch up, though it really isn’t that detailed either. The main episodes were probably more interesting than the way they were presented in this recap section.

Well, there’s a slight twist to this incident though it’s not very much of a twist either. It ends pretty quickly as well, leaving almost no time for suspense and whatnot. And the special ends with the duo parting ways once again, but quite clearly it had the feel of a new season coming. I wonder what topic it will be the next time round. Poor hospital plagued by so many scandals and incidents. Lol.




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