Fighting Game Videos Vol. 291

23 04 2011

SaishuuKessen is back with a new MvC3 combo clip, this time exploring the combo possibilities of the aerial tag, incorporating Ryu, Sentinel and Akuma into the equation. Hmm, seems like there might be lots of patterns that can be come up with using this aerial switch thing…

K’rows is nice enough to make another tutorial, this time on B. Jenet’s unique counter bug which has powered so many MotW combos in recent times. Clear description imo. Nice work.

adakino has been uploading some of their old clips onto YouTube ever since they made an account there, and here’s their KOF02 bugs/misc combo + stuff video. It’s quite old by now (you can see the date at the end).

And here’s Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match PV4, revealing new characters.

More GodsGarden #3 footage, and continuing in the winner’s bracket, we have Choco-yan (Bob) vs Deku (Devil Jin)

A KOF2002 K9999 combo by plazma2k2

Ah, and so here are the results of Desk’s little competition. Wow, it was sure hard to guess all 3 right. Lol, oh well. Looking for to his next video (which I think, will appear in the next entry of mine).

Persona moves on with yet another character in the MvC3 roster, and this time it’s a combo video for Akuma. Some interesting setups/links. Nice. =)

Ah, more MvC3 character combo videos. This time it’s Tron Bonne, though it’s really more like a DHC trick + aerial tag included combo video, though centred around Tron Bonne. Good for players who use her to possibly pick up an idea or two from here.

And finally, here’s the opening video for the Tougeki 2010 DVDs. =D




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