Liar Game: The Final Stage

22 08 2010

Japanese title: ライアーゲーム ザ・ファイナルステージ
Rating: PG
Running time: 137 minutes
Opens: 12 August 2010, Now Showing

Some info:
1) AsianMediaWiki
2) IMDB Profile
3) Official Site (Japanese)

As mentioned earlier, I managed to catch this in cinemas earlier this week, even though Singapore is like 5 months behind the Japanese theatrical release, which means DVD/Blu-ray will probably be released in/within a couple of months. Anyhow, it’s nice to see more Japanese movies making their way here. At least it’s on an improving trend.

Anyway, this movie continues from the timeline of the 2nd drama season. As the second season has already deviated from the manga storyline, it’s no surprise that this stage is also not in the manga, at least up till the current chapter it’s not there, not that I think it would eventually appear anyway. As such, I suppose it is safe to assume that this script was written specially for this movie conclusion.

As the title suggests, it hints at the end and the termination of this big money game of lies, wits and deception. Once again, we get to see Akiyama’s skills at work, with our favourite Nao and her trademark naive and straightforward thinking. I wouldn’t say much about the game, but considering it’s supposed to be the finale it is not as grand and hideous as I had expected. Oh well, at least the game is easy enough to follow and understand, something more friendly towards those who are coming into contact with this series for the first time.

The presentation of the movie is pretty similar to the drama counterpart, and it kinda feels like an extended episode (or like a SP). In fact, there are some parts of the movie which I could identify as good parts to add in advertisements should it air on national TV. Lol, yeah, this is the kind of things I could afford to think of while watching the movie.

Now to comment on a few other things… Looking at actors/actresses who undertook the roles of the contestants for the finals, it wasn’t that hard to guess who the mysterious player X was, since one would expect a more prominent celebrity taking that somewhat significant role. Of course, this was just based on my tiny little exposure to the Japanese entertainment industry, but I think it shouldn’t be that off anyway =P

The props and stage are nicely designed and done up, like how it does usually. Unfortunately, for a movie like this, I think the amount of set location required is kind of little, which lacks some kind of epic feel or something along those lines. It’s just not that grand for a final game where so much money is at stake.

Next, there are nice charts for each player’s current financial state, not labelled by their actual names but represented by a letter of the alphabet. One thing I was hoping for was that the chart was used to deduce the mapping between the actual players and their wealth, which unfortunately did not really materialise in the manner I was looking for. To think I was trying to get hold of the amounts and progress each time the quick flash of the chart is shown. Geez.

Lastly, seeing how the game progressed, it was quite obvious how the last few rounds were going to play out, since there’s mathematically only one way for the game to end in favour of our main characters, which usually do anyway, be it in the drama or manga. That is kind of a major spoiler to me since I saw through the sole path very quickly when it reached that crucial stage. In a way, the climax of the game was no climax to me. Hahahaha.

Overall, while the series did not end with a huge bang, it’s still a pretty decent wrap up to the live-action adaptations. I’m not sure if they will try to ‘revive’ the game later on when there is yet again enough manga material to adapt for more LG fun, but I’m looking forward to how the story develops in the manga. The games are getting more and more non-trivial. Lol. Once again, no score given by me this time round, but I would recommend those who have watched this series to finish it up, and those who read the manga to see this for an ‘original’ ending.




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22 08 2010

just for kicks, this is my 1234th published page/post on this site. nice number =D

22 08 2010

I realized that it was wrong that the ending said they triumphed human greed, which isn’t the case. The contestants did not choose the Red Apple of Truth at the very beginning because they didn’t trust each other enough, and assumed that due to other’s greed, they would get backstabbed. So it’s more of getting the trust than defeating the greed.

I didn’t understand why apparantly Nao saved the money lender that sponsored Akiyama to go back.

22 08 2010

Nao loves to save ppl from their debt in liar game mah… hahaha… that’s why she and akiyama started with 0…

well erm, if everyone put apple and u solo put non apple = earn the most. lol! or if everyone else put non-apple then u’re pwned big time. so to avoid heavy losses… don’t put apple! =X

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