Fugoh Keiji Season 2

20 05 2009


Japanese title: 富豪刑事デラックス
Number of episodes: 10

Some info:
1) D-Addicts Wiki
2) Official Site (Japanese)

The second season of this series. Yea, I watched the first season not too long ago. The style is pretty much the same as the first season, though I find it overall it’s slightly better done this time around. The catchphrase of the various characters are also pretty much kept in similar fashion, which is a key part of the show in general I suppose. Haha.

Yeap, this time it’s still pretty much episodic cases in general, with the exception the opening one which is a much bigger case that seemed like 2 cases but is actually 1 big case. Haha. Yeah, there’s still the insane excessive rich setups to catch a thief methodology being suggested by the rich girl. Lol, another trademark of the show that cannot be left out or removed.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I thought one of the cases are pretty much a remake of season, in the sense of the kind of case it is as well as the exact kind of setup to catch the robber. Lol, I guess they like that case a lot =P Anyway, it still retains the similar kind of comedy and humour, which really can be a put off to some who can’t tolerate things like these.

Overall, it’s really like a continuation (or maybe extension) of the first season, so those who liked season 1 will continue to enjoy this sequel. =D Doesn’t look like they are going to have a 3rd season though. Aww. Heh.




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