Angels & Demons

16 05 2009


Rating: PG
Running time: 138 minutes
Opens: 14 May 2009, Now Showing

Some info:
1) Wiki
2) IMDB Profile
3) Official Site (English)

Based on the popular novel by Dan Brown, I think I belong to the smaller part of the movie-going audience who has not, and does not intend to read the original novel. Heh, as such I am not/will not be able to compare the quality of the movie adaptation, which may or may not be a good thing =P

I did watch Da Vinci Code and found it to be somewhat disappointing and was hoping that Angels & Demons did not turn out the same. Thankfully, the presentation of this movie feels a lot better than the prequel. Once again, it’s more of a mystery solving adventure for the Professor, but this time it seems a lot more organised and probably “follow-able” for viewers.

In a way, the movie is set to be rather fast paced as murders will happen at every hour, while there’s still a need to deal with searching of clues and directions as well as not neglecting the Church and its developments. The 2 hours is quite well spent generally, in creating a sense of mystery although there are times that they try to deliberately mislead viewers.

Not everything is predictable in the movie, at least for someone who hasn’t read the book before as there are some twists here and there, but at the same time the mastermind is not so unimaginable because there were some hints and signs along the way, even at near the end of the show before the truth is really revealed.

Props wise, I would think most of it would be recreated sets as filming on actual location would not be possible, not when much destruction and damage is actually done, but I must say that the recreation has got the feel and atmosphere in it. Nice work by the production team in pulling it off. But at the same time, due to that fact, it makes the choice of limited camera angles at some scenes slightly more notable. I guess it can’t be helped. Heh =D

Overall, I find that this movie is quite nicely done. I wonder if there’s going to be a sequel to this (sorry I don’t know my Dan Brown novels). My take: 6.5/10




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