Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1

20 04 2009

Yup, decided to start a new one since I felt that there are other fighting game videos worth sharing besides KOF =P Ok, maybe to chock up more entries, but more importantly it’ll be easier for me to post videos here as I find them. I did consider sharing some videos since a long time back, but many of them were un-related to KOF, so it wasn’t very right to flood those KOF clips entries with too much non-KOF stuff.

Well, this entry will feature some of FightersEvo’s more recent videos, namely their Strider combo video as well as their Street Fighter 4 Ken & Ryu exhibitions.

First up, is a Strider combo video, featuring Strider in the various games he has appeared in. Of course, the focus is on the MvC series (1&2). Some combos seemed kind of repetitive to me, but I’m thinking it’s possibly due to my lack of good knowledge of the game. There are quite some nice setups in there though. Do take a look. Actually, there’s a HD format available for viewing, but my blog isn’t “wide” enough to support the the full video anyway, so do head over to the HD links if you so wish to view in even higher quality.

Click here for HD link

Click here for HD link

Ok for the 2nd half of the entry, I will put up their SF4 exhibitions. Actually, the first video was out about 2 months ago, when the game was fresh on the market. It was a quick work out, but it’s pretty good considering the amount of time they had to produce such a video. The 2nd video features more advanced stuff, though I think quite a number of combos in there are really for exhibition purpose, and not for use in VS matches.

Volume 1:

Volume 2:

For both videos, they are available for download at Head over if you wish to keep a good quality video. (:

p.s. if you want back the KOF-only series, I can try separating the 2 then, which means this category of videos will just be for non-KOF but the title won’t be changed, since non-KOF doesn’t sound very nice. Lol. Do leave comments if you have something to say (:




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22 04 2009
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