Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter – Elysion

16 04 2009


Japanese title: 聖闘士星矢 冥王ハーデス エリシオン編
Number of episodes: 6 (OVA)

Some info:
1) ANN
2) Official Site (Japanese)

The final arc of the Hades chapter, and also possibly the Seiya series. Not so sure about the latter part since I don’t follow the manga or news about the storyline etc. Well, the young Saints continue their journey in pursuit of their favourite Athena.

I can only say that things get more and more random (to me) and power-ups and back-ups and whatnot are always appearing at the exact right moment even though they are supposedly up against “Gods” this time around. Perhaps I lack some kind of Seiya sense or something, but I thought this time around it’s really weird since things can just happen just through sheer passion and determination (like power-ups etc). Hmm, maybe Seiya fans will come “flaming” me after they read this entry so I think I better stop commenting on the areas I don’t understand/find it absurd.

Anyway, I feel that it’s the end of the series because the main lead, Seiya, died while trying to protect Athena. Without a main character, I do suppose it’s not too much to assume that the series has ended. After all, the great Hades has been defeated too, which means things should be rather peaceful now? Shrugs, since I’ve only watched (Seiya series) since the start of the Hades chapter.

While I didn’t quite grasp the way things developed in this series, at least it provided me a closure to the Hades chapter that took quite a number of years to be completed (at least anime wise). I suppose Saint Seiya fans would not want to miss out on this one. =)




One response

1 06 2009
Muliadi Jeo

If the chronological is right, this haydes series should lead back to the “overture” movies. Where it starts with Seiya sitting on the wheel chair under care of Athena. So he is not dead, and the end of the overture showing Seiya is fighting Apollo and I supposed (based on Wikipedia), he should be beating Zeus too! That is quite long story :) I still like the original golden cloth series.

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