Keitai Deka the Movie (2006)

21 09 2008

Japanese title: ケータイ刑事 THE MOVIE

Rating: PG
Running time: 98 minutes

Some info @ IMDB Profile

I think this movie has a tv serialisation, but apparently there’s no [written] wiki article over at D-Addicts on that title. Not sure about that, but I’m quite certain there’s a sequel to this movie that came out in 2007 (IMDB profile).

It’s really hard to find information for this show, like official sites and all. Gave up after googling here and there but not getting any good references. Either there’s a more official title for this that I do not know of, or maybe there really isn’t much information available on the Net about this movie. Heh.

This movie stars Horikita Maki, the only person I could recognise among the leads anyway. Heh, of course the other 2 are Kaho and Kurokawa Mei. The 3 of them are the Zenigata sisters, each being very good at an area [maths, dancing and erm, tears?]. Anyway, during the opening of the movie, there’s a brief introduction to all the 4 sisters, which I suppose is for the benefit for first-time viewers [like myself].

Well, seems like the sisters are pretty good detectives themselves, and they do have some kind of official rank/post in the police force. But this time, their eldest sister is apparently kidnapped and the supposed mastermind demands that each of them solve a case before they get a chance at rescuing their sister. Yeah well, so the movie essentially splits into 4 parts – 1 for each case, and lastly for the “showdown”.

Each case isn’t very complex, considering the amount of time each one gets. Not very entertaining I suppose, but at the end of each case, the “criminal” leaves behind 2 objects, which of course eventually serve as a clue to find the “final stage”. Haha, ok lah, some of the puzzles are quite ok, like the maths ones in the last tower. Not so trivial and obvious, but actually those are more of those intelligent questions.

Turns out in the end, everything is a ploy to test the girls’ abilities as detectives before deciding to really promote them to station as chief in different regions in Japan. Haha. Kinda lame ending too, but oh wells.

The only redeeming points [if you can call them as such] is that there’s quite a lot of lame lines and actions, as well as erm, fan service, seeing the gals trying to appear extra cute on screen. Maki fans might want to know that she plays the character that’s good in dancing. Yeah, there’s quite some scenes that see her dancing, and posing for the screen. Lol, the fans sure go crazy one. =P

This movie seems somewhat lame at parts, but it’s probably following the style of drama version. My take: 5.5/10




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14 02 2011
Paul David Graham

One of the series (TV) is called Keitai Deka Zenigata Mai. I got this from Silent Regrets. Com. There are more which are about each of the sisters. Zenigata Mai is Horikita Maki. This series is cute and has its funny parts. Not really well written, but fun to watch.

21 08 2011

where can i watch this drama?

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