Lupin III: Angel Tactics

21 07 2008

Japanese title: ルパン三世 – 天使の策略(タクティクス)~夢のカケラは殺しの香り~
Number of episodes: 1 (TV-Special)

Some info @ ANN

Another of those Lupin III TV specials. This time, Lupin steals an artifact from Area 51, or rather it’s supposed to be anyway. It turns out to be a special alloy developed by the US Department of Defense to make a very powerful weapon.

An anti-American terrorist group wants this item, in order to achieve their aim of letting another nation developing this similar alloy to be able to rival US. For each member of the Lupin gang, a Bloody Angel hunts them down in order to try to get hold of the real piece of alloy.

As with my experience watching Lupin III stuff so far, the style is pretty much the same, with lots of rather super exaggerated actions. Of course, there are still funny stuff to perk your mood up a little, though it might be a bit lame for some people =P

Overall, it’s not too bad to watch this if you don’t mind the Lupin III style and all. Haha.

p.s. short write-up this time =P Movie reviews coming soon. Stay tuned!




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