KOF Clips Vol. 12

26 05 2008

Wow, it’s volume 12 already. =D Guess there’s too many KOF CMVs around to share. =P

Without further ado, the first 2 videos will be 2 KOF95 combo videos by KOFUnion, with the main star as DarkOne, one of the most respected combo-makers around. =D He certainly can play many games well, coming up with new ideas and ways to “break” the game at times too! That probably explains why his works don’t come out frequent enough =P Anyway, enjoy!

Next up, another FECU video. (Do I hear cheers? Probably just my hallucination.) This time it’s a “Plus” version of FECU’s volume 1, which is their “establishment” video. It’s kinda old video now, but for those who have watched it before, time to re-live the moment. For those who haven’t, try watching it from a viewpoint of some years back =P

FECU Volume 1 Rebirth

Lastly, it’s a KOF XI CMV by LostFeather. The same person who did the Speed Bug combo video some entries back (blogged here). Another well-known player, coming from KOFUnion. KOF XI fans must not miss this one =)




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