Buzzer Beater (2007)

16 04 2008

buzzer2k7.jpgNumber of episodes: 13

Some info:
1) ANN
2) Wiki
3) Official Page (Japanese)

Although the title has a (2007) behind, it’s not a remake or alternate retelling of the story, but rather, a continuation of the storyline of its prequel, which aired in 2005. Initially I was also fooled by its naming, since usually season 2 will put something that can easily identify itself as a sequel rather than putting the year in brackets, which is normally used to denote remake or retelling of the story. Ah well.

Well, the main purpose of watching this sequel to me, is to find out how the story ended. The prequel a few years back really ended quite abruptly, and my thought back then was that it’s another of those anime that decide to end halfway in the story and forget about it. Lol.

While looking at this anime, I think Slam Dunk is better (both by the same manga artist/author). Perhaps the idea of intergalactic basketball doesn’t really appeal to me as much as the setting of Slam Dunk (which the anime never finished the manga storyline anyway). Nonetheless, there’s still quite a lot of nice basketball action in the episodes, though it may not be as nice as you’d expect.

For those watching this season without looking at its prequel, certain details about the members of the Earth team and other prominent Goran players may not be made known to new viewers, so I guess for a more complete picture, it’s better to watch the first series as well? Haha, not that I could remember very much from something that’s a few years back in detail either. Ah well, at least the characters do not look foreign to me.

Apparently this season ended similar (or so I heard) to how the manga ended so there probably won’t be a season 3 or something. Well, I also think that the ending is rather fine. At least it’s no longer some cliffhanger or abrupt conclusion. So if you wanna catch up on this series and its prequel, free feel to do so though I still think Slam Dunk is a better option (minus the recaps and flashbacks). Haha.




2 responses

4 07 2012
Rói Skaalum

I like slan dunk better aswell, but whenever there´s a good anime I always get like a feeling like I´m addicted to it and when it ends I get a ´´the end of the world feeling´´(but I hope that slam dunk will have another season, though I haven´t read the manga yet so…) It´d be nice if I could get notified on if there is going to be another season of either anime, so if someone´s is as good hearted to notify by making a comment to my comment about it XD

30 12 2014

im so pissed of about the ending like wtf i want to know whats going to happen next. they could make such an amazing season but theyre so fucking lazy im giving up on this world

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