Detective Conan Movie 11: Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure

3 12 2007

dcm11.jpgJapanese title: 名探偵コナン 紺碧の棺 (ジョリー・ロジャー)

Some info:
1) ANN
2) Wiki

11th movie of an anime series airing in Japan, probably the longest single series too (I could be wrong), reaching its 500th episode soon. If any of you are wondering, no, I don’t watch the TV series. Way too much, plus the main storyline only proceeds a tiny bit once in a long while. So yeah well, I’ve decided to just watch the movies only if I wanted to get a glimpse of some Conan action and deduction.

Anyway, this time Conan and gang visit this island for vacation and the island happens to be an attraction to tourists due to its legend of having a treasure site underwater near the island. Some things happen so that our dear Conan can get involved and do his favourite activity, which would be investigating and solving cases.

Honestly, this movie’s case doesn’t really intrigue me that much, though the effort to put up stuff to link the whole thing together is there la… But shows of such nature should have the mystery part intriguing you somewhat, which some of the other predecessors did better. Though I do say that, somehow I feel Conan is different from other anime titles and has its own style and uniqueness, which can be quite a good replacement instead of keep on watching the same kind of anime that I usually do. Hah.

I actually wanted to add the official site in, but it’s already preparing for next year’s (12th movie) installment, so yah. Hehz. They sure are fast with stuff like these. Oh well, go watch this if you want.




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29 06 2008

it’s rocks , but i love naruto shippuden

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