Katagoshi no Koibito/肩ごしの恋人

30 11 2007


D-addicts Wiki

This is one of the more weird dramas that I’ve watched. Don’t know why someone recommended me this show. Not that it’s lousy or anything, but just take a look at the very short synopsis and it’s like of a genre that isn’t really my type. God knows why I finished this show either. Hehz.

Ok lah, there are some things which are quite meaningful in the show, but most of them apply to people of that age group, which is quite some years ahead of what I am now. After all, they are the main characters of the show. The overall feel is kinda for mature audience, in the sense of maturity of thinking and stuff. And since it covers some serious issues at times, it’s probably less popular in terms of viewership. But then again, the show’s time slot doesn’t seem to reap very good viewership ratings as compared to some other shows. Perhaps it’s a combination of both factors then. Haha.

Anyway, the main characters are given time for them to develop their roles well, and also to create their very own distinctive-ness in their own right. The one on the left appears to be stronger and more independent but in reality she’s also quite weak and vulnerable, while her good friend on the right is more simple-minded and usually speaks her mind. Sometimes it’s quite naive and stupid to hear her say some things with that kind of innocent/straight face, but at times some meaningful statements do come out of her, redeeming some points for this character instead of being hated all the way. Lol.

The music’s pretty okay too, usually suiting the overall mood of the show at that point in time. The editing/direction of this 9 episode series is quite ordinary since it didn’t really leave any lasting impression on me. Heh.

Ah well, if you’re looking for wackyness or random fun/comedy, this show isn’t for you. Probably not very ideal for watching as some kind of highly relaxing show since it kinda lacks the atmosphere to be one. Haha. I wonder what series I should watch/finish up next. Hehz.

p.s. i should be studying for the dreaded discrete…




2 responses

4 06 2012

Where did you watch this drama??? I’ve been looking for it for years!

28 09 2012

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