Unfair: The Answer

19 01 2017

Japanese title: アンフェア the answer
Rating: PG
Running time: 109 minutes
Now out on DVD and Blu-ray!

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The 2nd movie in the Unfair series, it does not continue directly from the recent TV special but more from the previous movie. It’s been a few years since the previous movie and for ‘newcomers’ to this show, there’s a short recap at the very beginning of the movie of what happened previously. Well, not exactly what happened but more of a brief summary of the plot so far and that it will be continuing from there. To be honest, it’s not going to be enough for those who are watching this series for the first time, but I suppose it can still be appreciated on its own, just probably not as much.

Surprisingly, the story moves along fairly quickly with a case immediately unfolding right from the beginning and we will find out that there’s something bigger involved in all of this. As there will be quite a fair bit of linking up of people and events later on, the overall pacing is a little quicker than I was expecting but still within control. I am not sure if those who are not familiar with the characters and background story will find it a little hard to follow since there are some assumptions of knowing that some of the relations between/among certain characters.

Along the way, part of the ‘answer’ is kind of revealed to viewers but the full picture will only be explained/shown later on and even then there are still hidden secrets. In some sense, it is not really -the- answer, or at least from the way I see it here there’s potentially still much more to unveil. I’m not sure if that means there is potential for future expansions. If there is going to be any, I certainly hope it doesn’t take another few years to be released because it will once again enable me to forget quite a number of important details that I feel that I should know.

There are a few occasions in which the actions of some characters left me a little bewildered, considering they are supposed to be capable officers in the law enforcement organisation. Then again, it’s probably all to facilitate the progress of the plot the way it is designed to – an issue present in many shows. It would have been a much better experience if some of the actions were not so ‘puzzling’. Nonetheless, at least the movie has provided some pointers to the plot development previously left unrevealed and untouched. While there is the potential for further sequels, I am not entirely certain that these will be produced.

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1715

18 01 2017

So it seems that recently a Ramon infinite is found in KOF XIV, and so here’s some clips and attempts

KOF XIV Ramon stun combo clip by KCOpedro

KOF XIV Ramon 100% damage combo clip by Shen CX

KOF XIV Ramon combos by Dark Chaotix

UMvC3 combo video by EndlessComboz. Some interesting combos in there.

KOF XIV Ramon combos by SCanon5749

Street Fighter V Akuma combo video by Salih

Street Fighter V Urien setups by Rikk

Street Fighter V Juri changes and buffs breakdown by VesperArcade

KOF XIV Leona option selects by Gutts

MBAACC Shiki combo video by Y. Xiao

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1714

17 01 2017

UMvC3 Haggar, Hulk, Sentinel combo clip by Kane Blueriver

KOF XIV Xanadu combo video by Combonauts

Street Fighter V Akuma combo video by Dark Chaotix

P4AU Chie combo video by persona

Mortal Kombat X Kenshi combos by CHECK

KOF XIV Ryo combos by Gutts

Street Fighter V Ryu meaty overhead setups into combos guide by VesperArcade

KOF XIV Ramon combos by SCanon5749

KOF XIV Iori option select by Gutts. Seems useful

Street Fighter V Akuma raging demon against Dhalsim teleport scenarios by Burnout Fighter