Star Trek Beyond

25 07 2016


Rating: PG13
Running time: 122 minutes
Now out on DVD and Blu-ray!

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Probably one of the rarer times you see me actually posting a current movie, but well that’s part of my blog’s algorithm so here it is, after catching with a couple of my friends the previous weekend. While this may be a sequel in this series of movies so far, from what I see, prior knowledge is not entirely critical, as this time we will be headed for a new adventure in the vast space out there.

There will be some returning faces, and perhaps some of the pre-existing relationship or bonding which they have may not exactly be explained here, but it will still be showcased when needed. For the most part, I would say that following the movie along for the storyline would be best, rather than me providing some sort of spoiler over here. That said, there are still some occasions where I felt that the continuity is slightly inconsistent, or at least it didn’t “make much sense” other than to make it look good in the cinematic aspect of things.

I like some of the soundtrack pieces used in the movie, and I remember a similar feeling for the earlier productions. I suppose it does add some sort of enjoyment aspect into the viewing experience which is definitely a welcomed element for me. With the way the movie is set, it is definitely open for more to come, in fact I think it could go on “forever” as long as they can come up with something interesting or new in their adventures.

Overall, it was a fairly good watch even though at some parts I felt it was a little off the pace I would prefer. Oh well, guess not a bad pick for my rare “return” to the theatre for viewing. My take: 6.5/10

p.s. when will be my next visit?

Beyond 1.1 Million

24 07 2016

As usual, I am not very brilliant at thinking of titles, so I shall just use something convenient since I seem to have crossed that mark for the number of published words on my blog, not counting this entry and the ones which I have already scheduled in the coming week. Yeah well, going by how I blog these days, it takes a pretty long time to get another 100K words published. Lol, but I don’t suppose the number of words count as compared to what is actually in it.

Survived another full week at work, and also managed to clear my sharing session, so it’s kind of a relief now in some sense. That said, there are still outstanding tasks to be cleared in the coming week which will be slightly shorter for me again since I am going to create my own long weekend again, as part of my wishful plan to spread out my leave throughout the year so that I have more long breaks than the “default” ones. Well, I think it should probably run well since I have a hang of what I need to do. Work is something that probably can never be truly cleared, otherwise I would be pretty much out of job when that happens. Haha.

For the coming week, there will mostly be fighting game videos as usual, especially with the release of the KOF XIV demo, there has been quite a lot of videos. Really glad to see it getting much love prior to its official release, though I am not able to give it a shot since I don’t own the corresponding console to do this. Then again, I have been out of touch with fighting games for some time now, so I don’t suppose it makes a huge difference at this point. In any case, tomorrow will have a movie entry since I managed to have a little catch up with a couple of friends, which makes it another of those rare occasions. It’s always nice to meet up with friends once in a while, except that it appears to be getting to a longer “cycle” for the same group these days. Ah well, I suppose it is something I need to get used to and accept as time goes by.

Well then, I suppose that is kind of all for this week’s entry. Do take care of yourselves in the meantime, since I am currently not feeling all that good to be honest. And yes, having a flu bug going round the office ain’t helping things when it’s time to go back. I think that might actually be the biggest challenge for me in the coming week. Sigh…

p.s. I actually wrote this in advance. Kind of an achievement for me. Lol.

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1573

23 07 2016

KOF XIV Team South Town trailer

KOF XIV match footage uploaded by Gato Ray. Nice to see some action of new characters, even though they may not be that high level just yet

KOF XIII Kula combo clip by Ge Os

Street Fighter V Evo day 1 highlights by Xuses. Well, I’m too lazy to watch through all the pool matches, so I’ll just peek at this.

Killer Instinct definitive edition trailer

Street Fighter V Capcom Pro Tour DLC trailer

Blade Arcus from Shining: Battle Arena trailer


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