Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1628

27 09 2016

KOF XIV K’ combos by Dark Chaotix. Some new, flashy and high damaging updates here. Nice

KOF2000 combo video by LZHXX. The last installment of the (then) secret project is here

KOF XIV Terry combo video by persona

KOF XIV Tung combo video by Y. Xiao

KOF XIV combo video by Combonauts

KOF XIV Women Fighters team voice compilation by けんきち

KOF XIV Choi combos by NeoAkira

BBCF Litchi combo clip by Uri_WoZ

BBCF Jin combo clip by Jourdal

BBCF Naoto combo clip by SilentLen

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1627

26 09 2016

KOF XIV Psycho Soldiers team voice compilation by けんきち

KOF XIV Benimaru stun combo clip by Opsclerk. Nice…

KOF XIV Tung combos and guard crush sequences

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Lee combo clip by StudBuddha

KOF XIV combo video by j8slim

KOF XIV Angel combo video

KOF XIV Kula bug by Ge Os. Interesting…

BBCF Litchi combo clip by Uri_WoZ

BBCF Nine combo clip by Jourdal

KOF XIV Angel combo video by Korean Panda

Days of Uncertainty

25 09 2016

It’s time for another weekly update, and this will also be the final update of the month and 3rd quarter of the year. Come to think of it, quite a big part of the year has already gone by just like that. In any case, I will try to find some stuff to write about this time.

Going by the usual formula, work matters come first, and the past week finally saw the window to begin actual work on the big feature though it’s not yet completed. But at least I have some workable sub-component which can be looked at, and as expected there are many imperfections just to meet the intended design and implementation. So far the bottleneck still isn’t on my side yet, but considering I have planned a day’s leave on Monday, most likely I will have to play catch up for a bit once I return. Ah well, I should have more confidence in my abilities and everything should turn out fine, or at least I should be able to do my part as required. Also, my team saw a departure of a colleague from the company, which was half unexpected for me, at least definitely not in the manner that he left in. That also means I will have more work to cover in the days ahead until the company somehow manages to get hold of new members and there is actually someone assigned to the project I’m working on since I hear that other projects are also facing their own crunch times. Hic… doesn’t seem like a bright end to the year for me, maybe.

Well enough of work, since it isn’t anything exactly too pleasant. In terms of clearing my backlog, another (Japanese) drama season is wrapping up and so I have also began to wrap up some of the shows which I have started on, which translates to more writing in the weeks ahead for me probably. Also spent quite some time on my usual mobile game yesterday as I have reached a new “milestone”, something which is likely not so easily achievable for a free-to-play player though theoretically I didn’t play a perfect game all these years due to my lack of skill unlike some of the streamers out there. Ah well, having fun with the game is more important and having a bunch of guild members to communicate ideas every now and then is pretty pleasant too. Actually, the latter is actually a stronger reason to continue playing the game since doing it alone would probably feel quite monotonous and grindy.

Unlike past weeks, I haven’t actually scheduled the entries for the week ahead as I am actually writing this ahead of time, and I have decided to start writing this before I feel lazy again. I will also be attending a colleague’s wedding dinner later on, something new for me in some sense and I hope it will be a pleasant event though it would probably be different since my past experiences are either for close friends, or relatives whom I hardly know. In any case, it should be a joyous event for the main man. =) Well, I think that’s all for this week. Take care and I’ll see you next month.

p.s. the uncertainty is referring to work, in case anyone is wondering