Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1327

4 08 2015

Continuing with my EVO2015 USF4 matches clearing, here comes another bunch of them.

ZV Kazunoko vs EG PR Balrog

RZR Itabashi Zangief vs DL Hamad

Liquid NuckleDu vs RZR Fuudo

Liquid NuckleDu vs Ai Ai

Infiltration vs r/Kappa Ai Ai

Street Fighter 5 beta Ryu guard break combo clip by Honzo Gonzo. I thought of this idea when I watched an E3 video, but of course I had no chance to test this. Nice to see this proven.

Mortal Kombat X Raiden (Thunder God) combos by CHECK

Street Fighter 5 beta Ryu combos by HurtboxTV

Mortal Kombat X Tremor combo clip by Zeohawk

Yatagarasu AoC Crow combo challenges by HurtboxTV

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1326

3 08 2015

I have been pretty slow with clearing EVO2015 videos but they will come slowly. Here comes the first batch

USF4 matches

Bonchan vs LU Alex Valle

EG Momochi vs RZR Xian

Jayce the Ace vs Tempo Chris G

EX Kenzo vs DaFeetLee

Bonchan vs SD Pnoy

J Stars Victory VS+ Kenshin combo clip by Silvius sama

USF4 bugs by Desk. Interesting finds, but probably won’t change the VS scene at all.

KOF02 Kusanagi combo clip by zero2k

Yatagarasu AoC Shimo combo challenges by HurtboxTV

Rising Thunder trailer. Hmm, free to play fighting game on PC. Let’s see how this turns out.

Where is the Light?

2 08 2015

Actually, I could have written this on Friday night or Saturday wee hours depending on how you look at it, but I thought it might be a somewhat more biased view and should probably wait a little while later to calm down and also to have a little outing first, hopefully leading to a milder entry in place. Hmm, I am not so sure if it will still be a relatively calm entry, but definitely it will be much better than if I had written earlier.

Well, it has been a busy week as I had expected, but there are some things which are just mounting and growing. I have tried my best to maintain a fairly positive view and approach to the project I am tasked to for the past few months now but I guess I am really running out of steam and patience with it. I understand that I probably not in the best position to be pointing fingers or anything since I am nowhere near the most outstanding staff member on the project, but I believe there are just some bottom lines that should not be crossed or even reached especially when it comes to handling and planning. Oh well, not like I am going to get out of this project anytime soon, I wonder how long it will take before I really throw in the towel. Lol, but let’s just say I might just ‘blow up’ some day. Sigh, I really don’t like that feeling but it seems that I can’t control myself all that well yet despite efforts to do so.

I am not sure what awaits me this coming week, but it certainly will not be a pleasant one for me. Compared to how I approached it some half year back, I think I have really fallen short in recent weeks and I know that my attitude is probably showing in some ways even though I am trying to remain professional as much as possible. Well, at least I think I am clearing the tasks assigned to me though I am not thinking of going the extra mile at all these days as I might have tried to do so in the early parts of the year. I just hope I will be able to enjoy the upcoming long jubilee weekend in peace. I suppose we will know the results in the next update.

On to other things, like I mentioned earlier, I had a little gathering some hours ago, meeting up with some primary school friends after 2 years or something. This time the attendance is probably the smallest since we’ve ‘restarted’ this thing several years ago. Not very surprising actually, since we are already of age whether people are busy with commitments such as family and whatnot, along with the fact that some people are now not based in Singapore, or simply just having events planned during this semi-holiday season. While I didn’t have very much to contribute in the conversations, I guess it is still nice to see some familiar faces after some time and it’s topics that I usually don’t come into contact with with my usual social circle, not that I interact a lot with them now either. Haha. I am not sure when the next gathering would be, but judging from things it probably won’t be anytime soon and I am pretty sure people are going to be less available as the years go by. Anyhow, it is still amazing that people can still be contacted even though we don’t really keep in close contact. I guess that’s part of the wonders of the use of technology in modern times.

Hmm, I suppose that’s all for this week’s update. You probably already know the drill and what to expect in the entries for the days ahead until the next update comes along. Not many hours left in the weekend so I shall head off to make the most of out. Take care and I shall be back next week.


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