Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1655

28 10 2016

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Asuka and Lars combo clip by Savage Ogre

KOF XIV Kensou combos by Gato Ray

Street Fighter V Urien combos by Salih Sahin

KOF XIV Zarina mixups

KOF XIV anti-reversal, anti-roll option select by AtTheGates

Mortal Kombat X Subzero (Cryomancer) tick throws by Heey Ge0rge

BBCF Susano’o combo video by Joni Matsu. True secret character(?) Lol

BBCF Hibiki combo clip by Jourdal

BBCF Nine combo clip by Jourdal

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Bedman setup by GcYoshi13

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1654

27 10 2016

KOF XIV China team voice compilation by けんきち. I think we should be done?

Street Fighter V Urien fuzzy guard demo by Desk

Street Fighter V Urien anti-air guide by VesperArcade

Street Fighter V Urien combo video by Merlin’in Kazani

Mortal Kombat X Jacqui (high tech) 50/50 by Heey Ge0rge

Street Fighter V Ken combos by MishiMaMordrek

BBCF combos by Jourdal

BBCF Naoto combo video by Meru. Audio is muted

KOF XIV King of Dinosaurs guard point by Gato Ray

Street Fighter V Urien mixup by RnK Clan

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1653

26 10 2016

Street Fighter V Urien combo video by Desk

KOF XIV Korea team combo video by Y. Xiao

KOF XIV OTG combo example by persona

KOF XIV Luong combo clip by bubblanAB7

KOF XIV Ralf combo clip by NeoAkira

Mortal Kombat X Kung Jin (Bojutsu) combos by Heey Ge0rge

KOF XIV Alice safe jump setup by Gato Ray

BBCF Nine combo video by Jourdal

Street Fighter V Ibuki setup by RnK Clan

Street Fighter V hidden costume easter eggs explanation by VesperArcade