Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1765

24 04 2017

KOF XIV Whip combo clip by Uri. Not practical, but makes for an awesome combo showcase with great damage.

KOF XIV Whip and Vanessa voice compilation by けんきち

KOF XIV Vanessa combo clip by Rhuel47

KOF XIV Vanessa combo clip by Ge Os

KOF XIV Vanessa combo clip by SCanon5749

KOF XIV Muimui combos by Mikadok

KOF XIV Clark changes by Antinomy, going over some buffs mainly

Injustice 2 Flash gameplay walkthrough

Injustice 2 Captain Cold gameplay walkthrough

Injustice 2 Flash vs Bane gameplay video

Empty Updates

23 04 2017

Hello there, it’s time for me to come up with another weekly update, though it’s probably going to be mostly similar again this time. After all, there hasn’t been much happening recently which is a good and bad thing, depending on how you look at it. In fact, at this point, I don’t even know what to put as the title too. Heh.

In any case, time to start off with work stuff as I usually would. The past week went by somewhat peacefully, but it looks like I will continue to be busy for the coming weeks probably up till the time I am to return to reservist. Well, hopefully the stuff assigned to me will be able to be completed before I need to ‘disappear’ for nearly 3 weeks. Hah, we shall see how it goes. In other random matters, I have managed to notice certain trend before it was officially announced, but then again the pieces of hints are pretty obvious if one looked carefully so I don’t think it’s a big deal. I suppose it only means that I do pay some attention to the surroundings at work. Lol.

In terms of scheduling entries, you can expect more fighting game videos in the week to come but the number of videos are slowly declining as the hype from the DLC characters is slowly dying down as most people have sort of dug enough for the time being. Oh well, there is more fighting game content to come in the near future so maybe it will ‘revitalise’ the fighting game stuff when those come along. In the meantime, I suppose I shall just carry on with my usual stuff and enjoy whenever I can. Heh, and I guess that pretty much wraps up the entry for the week. I shall see you again at the end of the month. Take care~

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1764

22 04 2017

Street Fighter V top 8 matches from UFA 2017. The remaining matches from top 8

FOX Tokido vs Zowie Gamerbee

FOX Tokido vs GRPT Haitani

DNG Itabashi Zangief vs SPLYCE FChamp (winners final)

SPLYCE FChamp vs GRPT Haitani (losers final)

DNG Itabashi Zangief vs GRPT Haitani (grand finals)

KOF XIV Kukri combo clip by ピヨケイ‏. Another impressive find

KOF XIV Vanessa combo video by Opsclerk

KOF XIV Vanessa combo clip by SCanon5749

KOF XIV Vanessa combo clip by TBS_Brunokof

UMvC3 Sentinel, Hulk, Nemesis combo clip by DreamKing