Back to Reality

21 10 2018

All right, another late update but that’s no longer much of a surprise to anyone now I guess. As the title suggests, my duties are over and it is about time I go back to my usual day job starting next week and I guess that also means I have quite a bit of catch up to do, though hopefully it won’t be too difficult to do so.

So once again, there is not much about actual work yet, though based on the messages I briefly read through the chat history of the work communication app, there probably has quite a bit of development (pun not intended!) the past couple of weeks so it will probably require some (serious?) effort to get up to speed. Though based on how I see things are so far in my time there, it is probably going to be less harsh than my first call-up. Well, only one way to find out, and will probably talk a little bit about it in next week’s entry, maybe. While it is a good change of pace and perspective, I guess physically I’m not up to it for the hours involved but it looks like I have to go through this sort of training for at least another 5 times. Hic, can’t say I am looking forward to it.

Backlog wise, I guess I haven’t been clearing a whole lot of fighting game videos, but it’s still sufficient to schedule for the coming couple of weeks as of now. Cleared a few shows, or more like finished them up so there will be some writing to do, which I had done some, and others still pending to go through – probably will try to write a couple after clearing this. Well, I guess those are more of writing exercises for myself so I don’t actually erode my standards as quickly, but at this point I am starting to think if most of those entries would actually get published eventually. In the meantime, I’m still trying to improve on some minor details while figuring out what really works for me and stuff.

Well then, I suppose that’s all for this week. Nothing much as usual I guess. Take care and I shall be back again towards the end of the month. See you.


Fighting Game Videos Vol. 2221

20 10 2018

Tekken 7 combo video by STL

KOF2000 Maxima combo clip by Elixir. Hmm, what’s the principle behind this…

Dragon Ball FighterZ Cooler combo video by Y. Xiao

SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy Mai, Nakoruru combo video by UFOrange

SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy Luong combo video by Combonauts

SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy Terry combo video by Mikadok

Dragon Ball FighterZ Goku, Teen Gohan, Vegito combo clip by SaishuuKessen

Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 17 combo guide by rooflemonger

KOF2002 K9999 vs Kusanagi, K9999 vs Kyo TAS gameplay video by M. Bizarro

Soul Calibur VI game modes trailer

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 2220

19 10 2018

Tekken 7 top 8 matches from Tokyo Tekken Masters 2018. Here’s the remaining batch, and what a grand finals…

Fursan LowHigh vs ROX Knee

UYU Qudans vs CGG Tissuemon (winners final)

Alpha Red Book vs ROX Knee

ROX Knee vs CGG Tissuemon (losers final)

UYU Qudans vs ROX Knee (grand finals)

Dragon Ball FighterZ Vegito combos by SaishuuKessen

Dragon Ball FighterZ Cooler combos by Isedelica

Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 17 combo clip by Y. Xiao

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle combo video by Zeohawk

KOF98 Korea team vs Ikari team TAS gameplay video by M. Bizarro