Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1373

9 10 2015

USF4 matches from Kuwait KO Festival

Itazan vs Latif

WTQ8 Gannoon vs WTQ8 Nox2

RZR Xian vs Latif

RZR Fuudo vs YBK R

Itazan vs WTQ8 Gannoon

Nitro+ Blasterz -Heroes Infinite Duel- assists clips

Yoishi Mitsurugi


Angela Balzac

Yuki Takeya

Akane Tsunemori

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1372

8 10 2015

KOF XIII Ralf combo video by persona. Cool stuff once again.

Guilty Gear Xrd Ramlethal combo video by STL

KOF XIII Mature combo clip by Dark Chaotix

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Bryan and Dragunov combo video by TheMainMan

UMvC3 Vergil combos by MiniBawse

Tekken 6 combo video by Greenpuffle

Guilty Gear Xrd Elphelt combos by alioune

MSHvSF Chun Li combos by eKo

Mortal Kombat X Jax combos by Korean Panda

天天炫斗 KOF crossover trailer


7 10 2015

English title: Startling By Each Step
Number of episodes: 35

Some info:
1) DramaWiki
2) Official Site (Chinese)

This series became a big hit when it was released and it even screened on the local television station here. I initially didn’t watch it apart from the little bits I watched as a part of eating my meals. Anyhow, I ended up watching this series anyway and I think I can see why it became popular among many people.

Admittedly, the initial part before the main setting of the show isn’t all that fabulous but the core of the show is the one that matters anyway. There is a good mixture of tense moments, fun and enjoyable times, good things and unfortunate events. The story actually spans across quite a number of years but thankfully it does not feel very dragged out for the most part. While there are many important characters, they are all given sufficient time to act out their roles for whatever siginificant events to come. I don’t know my history well so I don’t know how much more effort is required to make the story as we see it here in terms of story writing. The theme songs also received positive reception and indeed they are quite suitable for some of the moments in the story. It might even be rather emotional for some when they decide to use it.

Again, the story had to end in some way and I felt that it wasn’t that nicely rounded up but I suppose it’s not that bad if they had to end the story back in the present era. There’s always this difficulty and awkwardness when dealing with time travel shows here and there. But overall, the core was really quite enjoyable to watch which matters much more to me for this show. The intro and ending are like just extra fillers. Lol. It’s less of a wonder to me why some of the characters become stuck with the people playing those roles. Not a bad pick this time, considering my recent not so great choices. =D

p.s. I could be wrong but I think I am watching more Chinese shows this year (as of time of draft). I wonder why.


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