Fighting Game Videos Vol. 2092

22 05 2018

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition top 8 matches from Final Round 2018. Here’s the remaining batch

Nuckledu vs Gachikun

Echo Fox Tokido vs PG Infiltration (winners final)

Fursan Verloren vs Gachikun

Fursan Verloren vs Echo Fox Tokido (losers final)

PG Infiltration vs Echo Fox Tokido (grand finals)

Tekken 7 Noctis combo video by STL

KOF XIV Najd combo clip by Y. Xiao

KOF XIV Love Heart combo clip by persona

KOF02 Leona combo clip by 2-D. Hmm, new bug and hence combo route?

Dragon Ball FighterZ Broly combos by SaishuuKessen


Fighting Game Videos Vol. 2091

21 05 2018

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition top 8 matches from Final Round 2018

PG Infiltration vs Gachikun

Echo Fox Tokido vs Fursan Verloren

DATA NEON vs Liquid Nemo

Nuckledu vs Fudoh Fujimura

Fursan Verloren vs Liquid Nemo

Tekken 7 Noctis combo video by STL

Dragon Ball FighterZ Broly combos by SaishuuKessen

Dragon Ball FighterZ Zamasu trailer

Soul Calibur VI Taki trailer

SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy Sylvie, Zarina trailer

More Tiring Than Expected

20 05 2018

It is time for another weekly update, and this time I’m early again! That said, I am kind of tired right now (see title if you haven’t), so this entry may end up being a (greater) mess or the contents would be relatively lacking, though that isn’t saying very much since there probably wasn’t much being offered from week to week anyway. Lol.

So work wise, this week was rather short for me because I took a couple of days off to settle a bunch of stuff, while also catching up with some people. Other than having to check a couple of items during my off days because the developers didn’t deliver them before I went on the break, I suppose the work week was mostly fine. There appears to be some hidden items which may require my attention in the near future but I shall leave till the time it comes since I am not exactly in any shape to think about it right now. That said, after having a few days not looking at work seriously, I hope the coming week will not be too bad considering it is going to be another full week again.

As for catching up with some people, managed to meet up with a couple of friends whom I haven’t seen in a while (or quite a while). It was nice seeing them again and glad to know they are doing well in their respective paths and it makes me feel even more so that I need to figure out some direction and work towards it with some diligence and passion (lol, that sounds quite improbable for someone like me). Sadly, the socialising aspect seems to be still quite taxing on me in general even though I am trying my best to go out and interact with real people more often than previously, but it seems like it may still need some time for me to get used to such maters. Actually it might have been more tiring if I had all my meetups indeed materialising as planned, but I will probably never know, at least not anytime soon.

On the settling stuff end, I managed to do a few things off my list meant for this period, but there still remains a few other things I need to work on so I will need to find some time and energy to deal with them in the rather near future. While it may involve some spending and I would say it generally does not match my typical habits and patterns since I’ve started work, this is also one of the things I am trying out – whether spending a bit more of ‘luxury items’ will make me feel that working and earning money has a greater use for it to gain greater satisfaction. Fret not, since it is not about ignoring the importance of saving up and all, and it would probably be hard for me to go full spendthrift mode anytime soon given my personality, or at least based on what I understand of myself thus far. Also, by trying new things, I suppose it will allow me to experience something different and perhaps understand (or appreciate?) why some people do what they do even though I may used to have thought that it isn’t something to be “showing off”. Haha, we shall see. After all, I have made some past decisions with the aim and hope of trying something different and hopefully changing myself (for the better ideally) over time.

Backlog wise, not surprisingly I didn’t clear very much since I’ve spent these past few days running around which contributed to a huge part of the fatigue I am feeling right now. It’s a good thing I had predicted and feared that something like this would have happened so I have already finished enough fighting game videos entry to even last the week ahead right now, so there’s that. I, however, did manage to clear the writing backlog which I didn’t complete the previous weekend, so I guess I have to tackle one thing at a time, especially when I am not really my usual self in terms of energy level and concentration.

Actually, I really want to go catch some sleep now, so it is probably a good time to wrap it up and move on. Take care and I should be back again next week. It also turned out that this entry became longer than most other weekly entries even though I haven’t gone into any further details yet, which I probably a little too private for sharing on a blog post. Yeah, I am probably still considered conservative in this aspect.

p.s. part of the reason why I arrived early is because I have yet another activity later in the day, so I honestly hope I will be able to survive the coming week in one piece. Lol.