Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1790

24 05 2017

Street Fighter V top 8 matches from Battle Arena Melbourne 9

RZR Xian vs GRPT Fuudo

Zowie OilKing vs Mago

RB Bonchan vs Verloren

Verloren vs Zowie OilKing

Echo Fox Tokido vs YouDeal Yukadon

KOF XIV anti-Whip punishes demonstration by Gato Ray

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Nina and Mokujin combo clip by Lionheart100

KOF XIV K’ combos by Wu Alan

Street Fighter x Tekken Law, Heihachi combo clip by FMRoss

Street Fighter V Ed combo video by Venom44

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1789

23 05 2017

Street Fighter V matches from Battle Arena Melbourne 9

RB Bonchan vs YouDeal Yukadon

EG K-Brad vs Mago

GRPT Fuudo vs WP Syo

CYB Daigo vs CO Dogura

Street Fighter V Ed combo video by Y. Xiao

Injustice 2 character breakdown walkthrough and gameplay videos



Power Girl vs John Stewart Green Lantern

Darkseid vs Catwoman

Multiverse system demonstration

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

22 05 2017

Rating: PG13
Running time: 136 minutes
Opens: 27 April 2017, Now showing

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4) Official Site (English)

Yah well, this was supposed to be scheduled for last week but I messed up a little bit when scheduling my entries so it will appear a week later. In any case, I don’t think it affects much and I shall move on to the entry proper. I suppose the naming convention for this sequel is also different from most other movies, and it sort of mirrors the 2nd volume of oldies soundtrack featured throughout the movie too.

The movie starts off with this new team undertaking a mission whose employer will probably play a bigger role in future though there’s still some importance in this movie, just secondary to the main ‘boss’ this time. More importantly I think this time it acts as a way to trace the origins of the main man further, as well as laying the foundation for further expansions into this team’s future (films), and perhaps even have links to other future Marvel movies when they do appear, considering there’s that appearance and cameo of Stan Lee which I feel is probably something more important than what he has appeared to be previously in terms of referencing something.

Style wise, I would say this team continues to have their own unique teamwork and bickering, along with humour that will be shown throughout the movie, so you could say it continues to be quite a different Marvel production as compared to the ‘mainstream’ heroes which made this genre of movies so popular globally. Rather than focusing on the action stuff, I think this team is better in pulling off crazy things in a casual and unexpected manner which has its own entertainment value too. The plot isn’t so bad, but how it wrapped up was slightly underwhelming for me.

Overall, I think this movie is more of a entertaining production rather than being particularly serious and I am curious on how it will link up with other characters in the cinematic universe as well as how the future movie(s) for this team will pan out. Baby Groot was pretty quite in this movie. Lol. My take: 6.5/10