Wedding Bells are Ringing

29 11 2015

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, it’s not my own wedding of course, but rather some friends are having their respective big day during these few weeks (as observed from FaceBook). Well, that said, I only attended one like a couple of days back, and thus marking another good buddy off the ‘singles shelf’. Actually, this is only my 2nd wedding dinner which I have attended as a friend so I suppose this whole thing is still pretty ‘fresh’ to me. Then again, if it’s attending a good friend’s wedding, I don’t see why it should ever become a chore. =P

Oh well, it is also the 2nd time which I became a brother, which means it is pretty much a whole day event. Thankfully this time it wasn’t as early as the previous time, and I suppose it is a rather peaceful gate crash in the morning so that’s all fine with me. I guess it should be this way, so that it remains as a truly happy and fun day instead of some of the ‘crazy’ stuff I see every now and then floating around social media. Well then, it is a tiring day for me (partly cos I’m actually pretty frail) but I suppose it is pretty fulfilling seeing someone have their important day go well and fine. Then again, it wasn’t all smooth sailing the other day, thanks to the evening traffic and road blocks which caused some delays in the arrival of some guests which I guess affected the pace of the actual dinner. But all in all, I suppose it is still a successful day.

Next week, I have another dinner to attend but this time I won’t be on brother duty, which supposedly the main reason is cos the few of us in the clique have no car of our own so it is a little less efficient/effective as a brother choice. So that means that will also mark my first dinner attendance without having to do any duties. Lol, guess I can finally sit back and enjoy the entire course without having to worry about things here and there. That’s for next week so I’ll just stop here now.

Work wise, I did manage to clear up some tasks but seems like there is still a bunch to go through, especially with some non-trivial changes to test through thanks to rather last minute changes and requests (what’s new right…) so I suppose the coming week will be rounding up stuff here and there since I think it will be close to or already past the submission timeline. Haha, never mind, worry about that when I am actually in office. I’m still tired now anyway. Guess I really need to kick my own butt and do some basic maintenance soon, or else I think I might just collapse one day due to ‘unusual’ activities. But I guess the problem is when I will actually start.

Anyhow, this week’s entry is late again because I ended up sleeping quite a lot during the day. Not sure if that will actually affect my sleep pattern for the rest of the week. I hope not though. Take care and I should see you next week. Oh yeah, I still need to schedule entries for the coming week. And ya, goodbye November I suppose.

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1410

28 11 2015

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven character trailers. Somehow, I don’t get the feel of it being a fighting game so to speak…

Jonathan Joestar

Robert Edward O. Speedwagon

Jotaro Kujo

Okuyasu Nijimura

KOF02 Kusanagi combo clip by ALX

UMvC3 Dante, Zero, Vergil combo clip by Kane Blueriver

BBCF Makoto combo video by Suiren

USF4 Guile combos by Rikk

Rising Thunder Vlad combo clip by Venom47

Guilty Gear Xrd Millia combo clip by Bboy_duck

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1409

27 11 2015

3rd Strike combo and setups video by rKf. Wow, that’s a lot of setups.

KOF02 Terry combo clip by majijam

UMvC3 Dante, Zero, Vergil combo clip by Kane Blueriver

KOF XIII Kula combo clip by Ge Os

BBCF Hibiki combo video by Zexo

BBCPEX unlimited characters combo video by chaoschao222

Rising Thunder Vlad combo clip by Venom47

Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroine Infinite Duel tutorial videos. These cover the basic controls and system mechanics

Guilty Gear Xrd Millia combo clip by Bboy_duck


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